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Dishonored the Flooded District

Updated on October 23, 2012

Dishonored the Flooded District

Dishonored take a train and get out of the Flooded District
Dishonored take a train and get out of the Flooded District

Dishonored Get Out of the Flooded District

In Dishonored, the hero must get out of the Flooded District and make his way back to the Hound Pits Pub and find out what happened to Emily after he was captured. The hero has managed to out-manoeuvre the master assassin and has descended to and used his tunnel to escape. Corvo emerges into the Rudshore Gate area from the tunnel. He must make his way out past the quarantine gate and get out of the Flooded District. This will guide the hero on how to get out of the flooded district using the train and how to get out of the Old Port District and get into the old Dunwall sewers.

Make Your Way Up to the Top of the Train in the Rudshore Gate Area

From the tunnel, move around and blink around the Rudshore Gate area until the hero is able to make his way to the top of a pole that supplies electricity to the rail track. On this pole, wait patiently for the train to arrive. Do not attempt to get onto the rail tracks as this is charged with electricity and would mean a swift and electrifying demise for the hero.

When the train arrives, blink onto the top of the train and then ride it out of this area. However, there is a point where the hero needs to get off before the train passes through the wall of light. If the hero fails to get off, then he will be vaporized. So jump down onto the left and then blink or jump down stealthily onto the lower levels below the rail tracks. Beware of the tallman here. Quickly exit through the service exit here, and get out of the Flooded District into the Old Port District area.

Make Your Way to the Old Dunwall Sewers Entrance in the Old Port District Area

From the old port district area, the hero should move around until he finds an entrance blocked by some wooden planks. This is the outside entrance into the chamber that contains the sewer entrance. Destroy the planks, and head inside. As the hero heads inside, listen carefully, for the hero should be able to hear the sounds of weepers groaning behind him. Turn around and face the entrance. Now look up and see a post a short distance from the entrance. Blink up there and look down to see weepers sweeping into the entrance looking for the hero. They are unaware that the hero is perched on high grounds.

As the assassin hero, Corvo should then blink down to the last weeper in the queue unseen and take it out. Now run or crouch move into hiding and look for the next weeper to take down. Using this one at a time elimination tactics, the hero will be able to take out all the weepers and move on to the sewers entrance.

Be prepared to enter the sewers and face an unexpected foe, and some familiar and very annoying enemies.


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