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Dishonored Find Daud

Updated on October 21, 2012

Dishonored Find and Eliminate Daud

Dishonored Blood for Blood option - the hero must find and eliminate Daud.
Dishonored Blood for Blood option - the hero must find and eliminate Daud.

Dishonored Find and Eliminate Daud

In Dishonored, it comes down to this - the hero Corvo must find and confront Daud - the assassin who took down the Empress and worsened the chaos engulfing the already chaotic city of Dunwall. This will guide the hero on how to eliminate the assassins and defeat Daud and then escape via the Gateward tunnel.

Dishonored Rudshore Waterfront Eliminate the Assassins

From having obtained his equipment, the hero will arrive at Rudshore Waterfront. He must find a way into Daud's territory. The way into Daud's territory is easy; however, the hero must deal with Daud's assassins on route to getting there. This is the difficult part. The assassins have about the same abilities as the hero, being able to blink and stealth and assassinate from within shadows and from areas unseen to the victim.

First the hero will encounter three or four of Daud's assassins in the Rudshore Waterfront before the Rail Office. The hero must defeat the assassins for two reasons - to get the rail office station key from their bodies and to prevent them from defeating the hero. From a vantage hidden position, the hero should use the optical zoom option on his mask. Zoom in on the assassins and use the sleep darts on the assassins from a distance. All these require the hero to have obtained enough equipment and the relevant upgrade from Piero prior to getting poisoned. It is best to eliminate Daud's assassins from far and when they are unaware, as they are difficult to put down in melee combat.

Once all the assassins are down or asleep, run out and grab the rail office station key from their bodies. Open the door and get into the Central Rudshore area.

Central Rudshore Area Eliminate the Assassins

Much of the same challenges await the hero in the Central Rudshore area - defeating more assassins. The difference here is the assassins are larger in numbers, they are further away and they are more hidden than in the previous areas. If the hero runs out of sleep bolts, use crossbow bolts. Eliminate the assassins and then blink across and enter Daud's base.

Inflitrate Daud's Base, Find Daud and Eliminate Daud

Once within Daud's Base, the tactics are straightforward - follow the arrow sign, sneak around and take out more of Daud's assassins before they take the hero out. Eventually, the hero will find Daud somewhere in the upper levels of the building. Here, the key for this particular hero is to use the blood for blood option and take Daud down.

Daud is the master assassin and should not be engaged from the known or from upfont. He must be taken down from an unknown and unseen position. To do this, from outside the office, blink towards the shelf on top of Daud. Now use the stop time power, change immediately to blink and blink behind Daud. Eliminate him.

With Daud gone, grab Daud's key and the bone charm from him. Go downstairs and unlock the door leading into the room with the crater on the floor with Daud's key. Grab the chain and head down until the hero reaches the Gateward tunnel.

It's time to attempt to leave the Flooded District.


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