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Dishonored the Royal Physician

Updated on October 23, 2012

Dshonored Get Onto Kaldwin's Bridge

Dishonored - defeat the guards by turning the arc pylon against them and then get onto Kaldwin's Bridge
Dishonored - defeat the guards by turning the arc pylon against them and then get onto Kaldwin's Bridge

Dishonored the Royal Physician

In Dishonored, the hero is tasked to find Sokolov the Royal Physician and abduct him back to the loyalists. The Royal Physician is found across Kaldwin's Bridge, and the hero must cross the bridge to get to Sokolov's house. This will guide the hero assassin on how to get past the warehouse and get to the drawbridge of Kaldwin's Bridge to disable the drawbridge spotlights.

Dishonored Get Beyond the Warehouse from Southside Gate

From the stairs where Corvo was dropped off, head up into the main area in Southside Gate. There will be some guards here. Use stealth or force to get past them. Spot a door here leading into the warehouse. The warehouse will have a locked door on the other side. The key to the locked door is on the upper levels of the warehouse. However, do not open the door yet. Break the window and alert the guards outside. Then use some ranged weapons to defeat the guards. Go upstairs and get the warehouse key to open the door. Head through the door and deal with more guards along the way. Once the guards are dealt with, open the door down the walkway and head into Drawbridge Way.

Get Into Pratchett's House

On the other side of the door, Pratchett is talking to an officer. Use a crossbow attack to take down the officer from cover and then defeat Pratchett. Get Pratchett's house key from him and open the door to his house.

Get the Runes In and Near Pratchett's House

Within Pratchett's house, there will be a rune within a safe. The combination code for the safe in Pratchett's House is 497. From Pratchett's house, equip the heart and then track down the location of the other rune outside, but near to Pratchett's House. This rune will be in a room on another building. Blink is needed to get there. From the room on the other building, head back down onto the streets and then prepare to get onto Kaldwin's Bridge.

Get Onto Kaldwin's Bridge

The entrance to Kaldwin's Bridge is guarded by some of the Lord Regent's men. An electric arc pylon device stands in the way as well. This arc pylon will fry the hero if he gets too close. It is best to use this device against the guards.

Essentially, the hero needs to go around the guard post and up to the other side using the staircase. Blink from a room on the second floor before the guard post down into the right side of the guard post. From there, go down the stairs and then turn left and go up the staircase. This will allow the hero to access the wiring circuitry panel of the arc pylon. Rewire that and draw the guards to the arc pylon device.

Alert the other guards further into Kaldwin's Bridge and lure more guards into the arc device. With the number of guards substantially reduced at the entrance into Kaldwin's Bridge, proceed into the room on the lower side of the drawbridge on the left and look around for the power point of the second arc pylon (there will be wires leading to it). Now proceed up the stairs until the second arc pylon rewiring circuitry is reached. Rewire this second arc pylon and then power it up again, just in case the hero needs to use it against more enemies.

Get to and Deactivate the Drawbridge Spotlightss

Now, ascend the stairs from the room until the hero reaches a control room with a lever. Pull on the lever and the interval bridge will ascend. Position the hero correctly before the bridge and blink up to the level of the bridge. Head across the bridge and ascend the stairs, until the way upwards is blocked. Head back down to the next lower level and use blink to ascend the bridge until the drawbridge spotlights are reached. Switch off the spotlights by taking the whale oil out of the container.

It's time to head to Sokolov's house.


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