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Disney Duffy Bear Clothes

Updated on December 26, 2013

Give your Disney bear a new look with Duffy Bear clothes and outfits

Duffy Bear is Mickey Mouse's teddy bear. He was handmade by Minnie Mouse and given to Mickey in a duffel bag, earning him the name "Duffy." The cute bear with Mickey Mouse images on his paws was originally available only for sale in the Disney theme parks, but he's now available through online stores as well, and he's got a complete line of Disney Duffy Bear clothes. If your Duffy the Disney Bear needs some new duds, you've come to the right place.

(Image of Duffy Bear Buzz Lightyear provided by Disney)

Disney Duffy Bear Clothes from Around the World

Duffy Bear outfits show clothing from different countries

Duffy Bear is a world traveler, so he has a wide selection of outfits from around the world. Take a look at these Duffy Bear outfits celebrating countries such as the USA, China, France and others. All of these Duffy Bear clothes are available from Disney Store. Click any image to learn more.

Duffy Bear USA Costume
Red, white and blue USA costume is for 17" bears

Duffy Bear Canada Costume
Red and black outfit fits 17" Duffy Bear toys

Duffy Bear Germany Costume
Germany costume fits 17" Disney Duffy Bears

Duffy Bear China Costume
Bright red and gold China costume for 17" Duffy Bear

UK Duffy Bear Costume
UK Disney Duffy Bear costume fits 17" bears

Duffy Bear Mexico Costume
Mexico costume for 17" Disney Duffy Bear

Duffy Bear France Costume
France costume comes with beret and fits 17" bears

Safari Duffy Bear Costume
Kilimanjaro safari costume for 17" Duffy Bear

More Disney Duffy Bear Clothes

Do any of these Duffy Bear outfits look familiar?

Duffy Bear also loves to dress up as his favorite Disney characters. He's got outfits to look like Buzz or Woody from Toy Story and Lightning McQueen from Cars, as well as a pirate outfit so he can pretend to be one of Jack Sparrow's sidekicks. When he's not dressing like his favorite movie characters, he likes to hang out in his comfy sailor suit. All of these outfits are available from Disney Store. Click any image to learn more.

Duffy Bear Buzz Lightyear Costume
17" Duffy Bear costume looks like Buzz Lightyear

Duffy Bear Woody Costume
17" Duffy Bear costume looks like Woody

Disney Duffy Bear Pirate Costume
17" Duffy Bear pirate costume comes with hat, patch

Duffy Bear Sailor Costume
Sailor costume for 17" bear comes with hat

Lightning McQueen Costume
Lightning McQueen costume for 17" Duffy Bears

Disney Duffy Bear Arrives at Disney World - See Mickey's teddy bear as he visits WDW for the first time

Duffy Bear Clothes for You, Too! - Duffy Bear ear hat is for fans of Mickey's teddy bear

Mickey Mouse Ears Duffy Hat
Mickey Mouse Ears Duffy Hat

This Mickey Mouse ear hat looks like Duffy the Disney Bear, complete with a sailor hat on top that says, "Duffy."


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Which Disney Duffy Bear Clothes Do You Like Best? - Tell us about your favorite Duffy Bear outfits

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My favorite outfit for duffy is the sailor one. I think its so cool and adorable!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love my Duffy! He's so soft and cuddly that you just want to hug him. I could why Duffy costs so much!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I like the buzz light year one! It's so awesome! 2 Disney's are put together!