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DMC Devil May Cry Mission 8 Eyeless

Updated on January 12, 2014

DMC Devil May Cry Eyeless Mission

Use angel pull to grapple onto the harpies and then defeat them to get the eye for Eyeless.
Use angel pull to grapple onto the harpies and then defeat them to get the eye for Eyeless.

In DMC Devil May Cry Eyeless, the hero Dante must fetch the eye from the Harpy’s Nest for Eyeless. Eyeless is the demon that Dante finds in the prison news center. Eyeless complains that he cannot see because the harpies have taken away his eyes. This will guide Dante and cover the essentials as Dante attempts to approach Barbas’ news center in mission 7 Turnabout, and then retrieve the eye in mission 8 Eyeless.

To get near the news center, Dante must jump through a series of obstacles and then climb a series of ramps and stairs to get higher in the inverted world of Limbo where the news center exists. This part of the game is fairly linear and easy to transverse. It also introduces a new monster – the rage. The rage is really just a posh name for the giant rat of Limbo. Dante may want to use this opportunity to build up his stylish points by using a trillion stabs level 2 on the rage.

Eventually, Dante will reach the top of the building and then see an old man attempting to fight off some harpies. The old man is Eyeless (not his real name, but apt at this point). Approach him and defeat the harpies by using Ebony and Ivory to eliminate the wings of the harpies.

DMC Devil May Cry Get the Old Man’s Eye

Following a conversation with Eyeless, Dante will have to jump back onto the building from another platform, and then follow the harpies. This path is again fairly linear, but Dante must transverse some rifts in the ground and avoid being hit by a train running straight onto him several times.

Note that along the way to the Harpies’ Nest, there is an argent key to be picked up.

Eventually, Dante will reach the harpies’ nest. Naturally, there will be a fight with the harpies. Fighting within the nest is easy if Dante observes the following –

  • Do not step into the broken parts of the nest. Dante will fall into the ground below and lose health points. If too much health points are lost, then it is game over.
  • Use angel pull to grapple onto the harpies and then attack the harpies using Dante’s favorite moves. If Dante is in danger of dropping into the ground below, keep using grapple (and attack) on the harpies until Dante is safe again.

If these points are observed, Dante will should be able to defeat the harpies easily and then retrace his steps back to Eyeless. Give the eye (and part of the brain) back to Eyeless, and he will guide Dante to unlock a hidden power within him.


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