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DMC Devil May Cry Upgrades Guide

Updated on January 19, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry Upgrade Guide

In DMC Devil May Cry, the hero Dante will become more experienced as he defeats enemies. As his experience points increase, Dante will be able to earn upgrade points. These upgrade points can be invested to unlock abilities and weapon moves previously unavailable to Dante. This will allow Dante to create more flashy and powerful weapon moves that will earn him more upgrade points, creating the ultimate devilish angelic warrior.

DMC Devil May Cry Upgrade Abilities

  • Jump – Dante leaps into the air; this can be upgraded to Enemy Step. In Enemy Step, Dante jumps off the enemy whilst in the air.
  • Evade – Evade enemy attacks by dashing and rolling aside. This ability can be upgraded.
  • Other abilities will be unlocked and can be upgraded as Dante accumulates more white orb points to unlock upgrades.

DMC Rebellion Upgrades

Rebellion is Dante’s long sword and the moves that Dante employs with Rebellion can be unlocked and then upgraded as he becomes more experienced. The basic move is Hacker, which is a quick succession of four slashes. Hacker, level 2 is the upgraded version of Hacker and causes more damage.

Death Coil allows Dante to damage enemies surrounding him and then hitting the final enemy with a massive attack. When upgraded, Death Coil becomes level 2, and more damage is produced.

Hightime allows Dante to throw the enemy into the air and damage it. Aerial Rave allows Dante to damage airborne enemies in a series of blows in the air. Aerial Rave can be upgraded to level 2.

Roulette is a deadly spin that lifts Dante and his target higher into the air. It can be upgraded to level 2.

Helmbreaker allows Dante to attack an enemy from the top and slams the enemy into the ground.

Charge allows Dante to release devil energy towards the foe. Dante can charge up for more energy (and damage) to be released towards the enemy. Charge can be improved to drive level 2, overdrive and overdrive level 2.

Stinger allows Dante to dash from a distance from before an enemy and stab the enemy with Rebellion. It can be ungraded into stinger level 2, a trillion stabs and trillion stabs level 2.

DMC Ebony and Ivory Upgrades

Ebony and Ivory are Dante's twin pistols. Various skills are associated with Ebony and Ivory. The basic skill with the twin pistols is to shoot. Shoot can be upgraded to level 2 and 3 for more damage.

Ricoshot allows Dante to channel his demonic powers into the bullet. When the bullet is launched at the enemy, it will ricoshot between targets. More charge can be built into the bullet and ricoshot can be upgraded to level 2.

Rainstorm allows Dante to fly down from above, splaying bullets all over the ground as he comes down. It can be upgraded to level 2.

Inverse Rainstorm allows Dante to spread bullets around and above him as he jumps into the air. It can be upgraded to level 2.

DMC Arbiter Upgrades

Arbiter is a double hatchet or axe that will be obtained in the second mission of DMC: Devil May Cry. Arbiter releases a slow powerful Judgement attack that smashes the enemies and breaks shield defense. It can be upgraded to level 2.

In Trinity Smash, Dante sends his demonic energy into the arbiter, and this is unleashed as a powerful triple damage strike.

Tremor allows Dante to smash the Arbiter into the floor, creating damage for the enemy and sending them up into the air. A spectacular view indeed. Tremor can be upgraded to level 2.

In Aerial Flush, Dante jumps into the air and then throws the Arbiter at targets below him. It can upgraded to level 2.

Drop allows Dante to create a fault line in the ground by dropping from the sky and striking with the Arbiter. Enemies standing on the fault line are launched into the air.

Flush allows Dante to hurl the Arbiter at distant targets. It can be improved to level 2.

DMC Devil May Cry Upgrade Weapon Skills

DMC Devil May Cry upgrade weapon skills and then combine them.
DMC Devil May Cry upgrade weapon skills and then combine them.

DMC Osiris Upgrades

Osiris is an angelic scythe that Dante has inherited from his mother. It can be used to deliver a series of attacks different from other weapons described so far and more suitable for large crowds of enemies. When charged up, it can deliver more powerful attacks. Dante can deploy the following Osiris moves.

Karma allows Dante to create a whirlwind of blades that slashes at enemies around Dante.

When using the Cleaver move, Dante swings the scythe around his body, cutting enemies in front and around him to shreds.

Prop allows Dante to spin the scythe like a propeller, damaging enemies at the end of the propeller. Prop can be upgraded to a more powerful version of the ability, called Shredder and Shredder level 2 (self explanatory; basically shreds enemies).

Hanger allows Dante to become airborne and launch wide sweeping attacks on the enemies. It can be upgraded to double up and then double up level 2. Airborne moves are particularly helpful when Dante's hidden power Devil Trigger is unlocked.

Rake allows Dante to hook enemies below Dante and then forcefully lift them into the air. It can upgraded to level 2.

Not to be confused with Rake, Raze launches and damages enemies in the air in a sweeping, skybound move. Raze can be improved to level 2.

Streak allows for a forward lunging attack that culminates in a spin attack. It can be upgraded to level 2.

Feed has three levels. In the basic level of feed, Dante must attack enemies to reach full charge. Once fully charged, Osiris attacks can cause damage bonus which will increase as the feed charge increases.

Upgrade and then unlock the weapons moves for Dante's favorite fighting style and then combine them to get stylish points and even more experience points and better upgrades.

Do save some upgrade points for the more stylish, helpful and powerful weapons that will be unlocked in the latter missions of the game. Weapons that can be unlocked include Enyx, Aquila and Revenant.


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