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Dragon Age 2 Recruiting Companions

Updated on March 15, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Recruiting Companions

Dragon Age 2 Recruiting Isabela
Dragon Age 2 Recruiting Isabela

Dragon Age 2 Recruiting Companions

Dragon Age 2 involves recruiting all the companions available in the initial parts of the dragon age 2 game. A successful dragon age 2 team has the right combination of dragon age 2 companions for defensive combat, offensive combat, stealth, and various other functions to launch a successful campaign against the various enemies of the dragon age universe. Here the various companions in dragon age 2, their special talents and their initial recruitment and missions are discussed.

Dragon Age 2 Carver Hawke

Dragon Age 2 Carver Hawke is the earliest companion for Hawke and also Hawke's brother. He can either be a mage or a warrior depending on Hawke's class. Hawke was built as a mage, so Carver is a warrior. As a warrior, Carver may be better trained as a 2 handed warrior, and a front-line damage distributor. That way, Carver may be fitted into an offensive dragon age 2 team.

Dragon Age 2 Aveline

Dragon Age 2 Aveline is recruited at the escape from Lothering quest, where she joins up with Hawke after her husband succumbs to the corruption of dark spawn blood. Aveline later joins the guards of Kirkwall and is regarded as the lawful good character of the group. So if Aveline's friendly points are to be achieved (so that damage from Hawke is transferred to Aveline), then Hawke must play nice during a lot of conversations. Aveline may likely be used as the specialist tank for the team, and may be part of a highly defensive team. Her shield and weapon talent tree and stonewall allows her to be virtually untouchable in the front-line, although she needs some time to chop down enemies.

Dragon Age 2 Varric Tethras

Dragon Age 2 Varric Tethras is a rogue mercenary who makes his home in the Hanged Man in Lowtown. He joins Hawke as the dragon age 2 third companion. His specialty seems to be gathering information for the team for the expedition into the Deep Roads, and for various missions. His combat speciality is to rain down lots of arrows onto the opponents, and may be used as an archer and bolter at the end of the party.

Dragon Age 2 Merrill

Players may be encouraged to recruit the dragon age 2 companion Merrill early in the game, especially if Hawke wants to pursue a romantic interest in Merrill, and to create an offensive magical based team. Merrill's spellcasting abilities and specialties are based on the players' choice, but should be geared towards offense, as later Anders may be recruited as a healing specialist. For example, Merrill could pick up the fire and ice specialties and become the ultimate fire and ice mage. Meanwhile, Merrill has a dark secret that is exposed in the sundermount amulet quest.

Dragon Age 2 Anders

Dragon Age 2 Anders is recruited after visiting Varric in the Hanged Man. Varric says that to get into the Deep Roads properly, they must have get someone who has already been there. Anders - the former Grey Warden, is one such man. Anders has come to Kirkwall to escape from the Templars and to heal the Ferelden refugees. To get Anders to help Hawke, Hawke must rescue Anders' mage companion from the Templars and the Chantry. Anders is a healing specialist, although he also has a mean streak as a vengeance demon has gotten into him, and can produce some damage when needed. He brings balance to the Hawke team.

Dragon Age 2 Isabela

Dragon Age 2 Isabela is one of the most lovely companions picked up from the Hanged Man. However, she only appears after the Anders recruitment quest. So players may be in a hurry to finish the Anders quest. Recruiting Isabela is covered in the kirkwall chantry battle.

Isabela may be used as the backstabbing rogue in the game. Her abilities include going stealth mode and disappearing from the battlefield, and then reappearing and critically hitting the enemy, followed by a series of backstabs. Best used in a damage intensive offensive team.

Dragon Age 2 Fenris

Dragon Age 2 Fenris may be the best warrior yet, being able to use the Ghost warrior specialty to inflict large amounts of damage on the enemy. Fenris is recruited through an innocent quest involving Andos the dwarf who asks Hawke to retrieve some lyrium from the smugglers. Instead, Hawke gets ambushed by the smugglers and Fenris appears to explain that it is all a ploy for him to hunt down his former master. Fenris looks to be a very explosive character which would make an offensive party totally unbeatable.

Dragon Age 2 Mabari and Sebastian Vael are two companions which can be downloaded as dragon age 2 DLC.


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