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Dragon's Dogma Find the Altar Slates

Updated on June 15, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Get the Key to the Lower Levels

Dragon's Dogma get key to lower levels of the ruins and find the altar slates
Dragon's Dogma get key to lower levels of the ruins and find the altar slates

Dragon's Dogma Find the Altar Slates

In Dragon's Dogma, the hero has been asked by Haslett to find the altar slates within the Watergod's altar ruins. This quest to find the altar slates will focus on a party group consisting of a mage hero, two fighter heroes (one of them is the main pawn) and a strider pawn. This will guide the hero in using the map extensively to work out the differing altitudes and locations for the altar slates, and provide some tactics on defeating the monsters to get the altar slates.

Dragon's Dogma Find the First and Second Altar Slates

To obtain the first and second altar slates, the hero must first clear the lower levels of the watergod altar's ruins of water. Use the red orb to unlock the door with the orb slot. The door will open to reveal a passage to an underground burial ground. Lot of skeletons will crawl out of the ground in this area. Defeat them and go beyond to find a stone pedestal on the ground. Step on it and the water in the flooded area will recede.

Now go back up to the intersection and head down the right stairways (just before the switch box) and go down to the bottom. This will lead the hero and party to a large chamber.This chamber is full of phantoms. Later, skeletal mages and warriors will begin to file into the chamber. The hero must defeat them to get to the first and second altar slates.

  • The first altar slate is found in a chest to the right of the entrance into this initial chamber.
  • If the hero heads straight ahead from the entrance to this chamber and up some stairs into a second chamber, and turn left he will find the chest with the second altar slate.

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Phantoms and Undead to Get the Altar Slates

The hero and party must defeat the phantoms and undead to reach the altar slate. These fights will take place particularly in the first and second chambers described above. To defeat them, the mage hero should not stray too far from the alcove at the entrance. Use the spell targeting system to launch High Comestion at the skeletons and phantoms from this position. Use the fighter pawns to engage in melee attacks and defeat the skeletons and phantoms. Protect the main hero from being swarmed by these undead skeletal mages, warriors and phantoms. Use lots of healing potions if possible. By using this approach, the hero's health will be protected and he will be able to revive his pawns even if they succumb to the undead. When the coast is clear and the enemies are all down, go in and retrieve the first two altar slates.

Dragon's Dogma Find the Third, Fourth and Fifth Altar Slates

From the second chamber, turn diagonally left and up a gentle slope to a cyclops. Defeat the cyclops using appropriate tactics and follow the map and passageway to find a third chest with the altar slate in it. Continue along the rest of the cavern passage and enter an area where the translucent orange ribbon waypoints on the map will turn bright orange, indicating the hero is at the right altitude or level for finding the fourth and fifth altar slates.

The fourth altar slate can be found by spotting a ladder along the wall. The hero must jump onto an elevated outcropping of rock just below this ladder. Climb the ladder and follow the map to enter a room where the altar slate is.

The location of the fifth altar state is a bit deceptive. The hero appears to be blocked by a wall every time he advances towards the ribbon waypoint. Spot an underground pit near the hero where the fifth altar slate should be. Jump down and follow the passageway to get the fifth altar slate.

Exit the watergod's altar area and report back to Haslett. And then head back to Gran Soren and tell Ser Maximilian of the successful completion of this quest. After the series of wyrm hunt quests, it's time to see the duke and start some higher level quests, including hunting the griffin.


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