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Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough

Updated on June 21, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough Begins

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough begins with defeating the Chimera.
Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough begins with defeating the Chimera.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough Begins

Dragon's Dogma walkthrough begins with the hero, otherwise known as Arisen, in the thick of battle against the dragon and his minions. The battle is intense, even as the hero is beginning to understand the elements and key to the numerous skirmishes and battles in this initial dragon dogma's walkthrough. This will guide the hero in defeating the goblins, hobgoblins, snow harpies and manticore that strewn the path on route to defeating the dragon.

The hero will be accompanied by his main companion, or pawn as they stride towards the dragon's lair. The first monsters that the hero will encounter are the hobgoblins. These creatures are easy and serve as target practice for the hero. Hit the heavy attack and light attack buttons on the control to execute the respective moves. Use special moves and abilities to cause more dramatic attacks and damage on the hobgoblins.

Dragon's Dogma Rift Stone

As the hero's journey continues, he will be told of the existence of the rift stone. Invoke the stone to enter the rift and obtain new allies, or pawns. In this particular set of battle scenarios, Quince and Morganna will be summoned. Quince is a strider and Morganna is a mage. The next stage of the battle will require the hero to use Morganna, Quince and Slade as a party to defeat more hobgoblins and snow harpies.

The snow harpies will be particularly difficult as they fly in from above to swoop down onto the party. The hero will have to rely on Morganna's magicka attacks on the harpies, and Quince's bow and arrow attacks on the harpies. When the harpies are grounded or are flying just low enough above the ground, move in with the hero (a fighter) to slice the harpies apart. Slade will also help in defeating the harpies when they are close to the ground. Defeat the harpies and move on to the next stage of the journey.

Dragon's Dogma Defeating the Chimera

The Chimera, not the dragon will be the main boss in this initial dragon's dogma walkthrough. The chimera is a well known beast in the mystical world of any hero vying for top honors. Sprouting the head of a lion and a goat, and with a snake's tail as a vicious backslash, the chimera is capable of putting down any hero with ease. Hence the hero attacks the chimera with a party of pawns rather then in solo combat. Spread out Quince and Morganna so that they can attack the chimera from range. Together with Slade, the hero can attempt to mount the Chimera. This will help the hero attack each specific location of the beast, and take out each component that makes the beast powerful. The hero can start by climbing the tail of the chimera and then hacking it to bits. With the tail gone, the hero can concentrate on the goat's head. Beware of the manic movements of the head and its vicious bite. One hit could take out a significant proportion of the hero's health. If this happens, allow Morganna to heal the hero by running away from the chimera for a while.Then climb back onto the goat's head and hit it repeatedly to slice it off. Finally dodge the chimera and head back to climb onto the lion's head and hit it until the chimera is defeated.

Dragon's Dogma walkthrough continues with the Arisen going to the encampment to defeat more monsters.


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