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Dream Lites Give Kids The Starry Night Sky

Updated on April 3, 2013

Dream Lites By My Pillow Pets

Whether you call them Dream Lites, Dreamlites, Dreamlights, or Dream Lights, these are one of the hottest toys this year! Dream Lites are a night light and cuddly toy both. They are made by the same company as My Pillow Pets - experts in toys kids love.

Dream Lites come in a huge variety of fun creatures that either a boy or girl would love to have. The Dream Lite creatures come in a wide selection of colors too, so there is one that is sure to coordinate with your child's room decor.

Read on to see what Dream Lites are currently available and find one to fall in love with!

Photo Credit: Amazon

What Are Dream Lites?

Dream Lites by My Pillow Pets

Dream Lites are a soft toy night light made by the same company as My Pillow Pets. They are combination night light and pillow toy. Dream Lites project an image of the starry sky, along with a portrait of the Dream Lite pillow onto the ceiling. This soothing display is very comforting for children who may be afraid of the dark, or it is a great nighttime show.

Each Dream Lites pillow has 4 lighting settings: blue, amber, green, or a rotating setting of the three colors. A timer is available for ease of use. Each Dream Lites plush toy operates on 3 AAA batteries.

Unfortunately, quantities are limited right now. I will do my best to keep this page updated with all the latest available products!

Dream Lites Rainbow Unicorn Night Light - Dream Lites Pillow Pets

This beautiful 11 inch Dream Lite plush Rainbow Unicorn night light is the perfect gift for a child that loves unicorns. It can fold out like a My Pillow Pet, or be exclusively used as a night light. Perfect to match a rainbow themed room.

Dream Lites Tardy Turtle Pillow Pet - Dream Lites Pillow Pets

The Tardy Turtle Pillow Pet is my absolute favorite, so if I were buying a Dream Lites for myself (don't laugh!!), I would choose this one. Not sure what my husband would say.

Dream Lites Review

Unicorn Dream Lite

We purchased a Rainbow Unicorn Dream Lite for my daughter's birthday. Very, very happy with it! She was so surprised and amazed. The look on her face was priceless. My son loves it too. I would like to get him the Tardy Turtle, but it is kind of hard to find right now, at least for a decent price.

Read here for more of my thoughts on it: Dream Lites Review.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light - Similar to Dream Lites

This turtle night light is perfect for children's bedrooms or nurseries. The starry projections offer gentle lighting in the room to comfort your little ones. The lamp is 14 inches long and 5 inches tall. There are three available light colors: blue, green, and amber.

The night light uses 3 AAA batteries and has a 45 minute timer with automatic shut off.

Twilight Turtle - Constellation Night Light with Small Plush Turtle - Similar to Dream Lites

This Sea Turtle night light is different than those previously mentioned. It has five different images on its shell. Each one is an endangered ocean animal that lights up one at a time. There are three color options: ocean blue, emerald green, and aquamarine. The night sky is projected on the ceiling and it comes with a star guide to guide parents and children in identifying the constellations. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and has a 45 minute timer.

Dream Lites Snuggly Puppy Dog - Dream Lites Pillow Pets

This cute Dream Lites puppy dog is very sweet. Like the other Dream Lites animals, he projects an image of himself, as well as the starry night sky onto the ceiling. He can unfold into a flat pillow type puppy. There are four light settings: amber, blue, green, and a rotating mix. There is a 20 minute timer so kids can fall asleep looking at the stars without worrying about wasting the 3 AAA batteries.

Dream Lites Bear - Dream Lites Pillow Pets

A newer addition to the Dream Lites family. This adorable bear is a perfect nighttime companion for your child.

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Auctions on eBay

Find the Dream Lites that you want on eBay! Great selection and prices. Happy bidding!

What do you think of Dream Lites and similar products? Would you get one for a child?

Dream Lites Guestbook - Dream Lites Pillow Pets

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    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 5 years ago

      @hntrssthmpsn: They are adorable. We bought my daughter one for her bday and then my son a month later for his because he wouldn't leave hers alone.

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image

      hntrssthmpsn 5 years ago

      What a cute idea... the comforts of night light and snugglebuddy rolled into one! Love the penguins!

    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 5 years ago

      @Expat Mamasita: We have the puppy and the unicorn. The kids love them!

    • Expat Mamasita profile image

      Expat Mamasita 5 years ago from Slovakia

      A lovely idea for kids bedrooms:-)

    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 5 years ago

      @sibian: Thank you for visiting :)

    • sibian profile image

      sibian 5 years ago

      What a great find for my boy's room.

      Thanks for sharing

    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 5 years ago

      @sheezie77: Thank you, glad you liked it :)

    • profile image

      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Fantastic lens, well done!