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Far Cry 3 Doppelganger Quest

Updated on December 18, 2012

Far Cry 3 Doppelganger Quest

Sneak past the privateers to the dock and onto Hoyt's ship
Sneak past the privateers to the dock and onto Hoyt's ship

Far Cry 3 Doppelganger Quest

In Far Cry 3, Jason will embark on the Doppelganger quest, as soon as he finds Sam, his contact on the second island. The doppelganger quest requires Jason to get a privateer's uniform, thus allowing Jason to infiltrate the privateers on the island and relative free movement throughout the second island. This will guide Jason on how to sneak down to the docks and onto Hoyt's ship in the privateer's initiation camp and get the privateer's uniform.

Far Cry 3 Find Sam and Start the Doppelganger Quest

First Jason must actually land on the south island and then find Sam in order to start the doppelganger quest. To do this, go to the town on the east side of the second island, and go to the bar and speak to the barkeeper. He will direct the hero to an underground poker room, where Sam is playing poker. Win at least one round to make Sam quit and then follow Sam to his base in the town. There, Sam will engage the hero in an entertaining conversation and then the doppelganger quest will start.

Sneak Down the Stairs to the Docks and then onto Hoyt's Ship

The next stage of the quest may not be that easy, because it involves sneaking down the stairs to the docks and onto Hoyt's ship. The way down is patrolled by lots of privateers.

First, approach the top of the stairs through the bushes. From the bushes behind the first privateer's chair, throw a rock to the left and watch as the privateer walks away. Then crouch jungle run down the stairs on the right before he turns his head.

Further down the stairs are more privateers. Essentially use the same technique to sneak past most of the privateers. Patience is required here. And some of the privateer guided areas are difficult to unguard using the “throw a stone” technnique. So Jason may have to wait for some time for the guards to move away before sneaking past.

Eventually, Jason will reach a cavern where there are concentrates of guards at annoying pockets around the cavern. This could be the most difficult part of the game to sneak past.

When Jason finally reaches the docks, look ahead and see Hoyt's ship in the distance. Jump into the water and go underwater and swim to the ship, surfacing at times to breath. The ladder up the ship is on the other side of the ship, so swim around and climb up.

Get the Recruit Privateer's Uniform

Jason must then get the recruit privateer's uniform. The recruit privateer providing this uniform is straight ahead after climbing the ladder. Just go into crouch mode after arriving on the ship and go head and sneak attack the privateer. Get his uniform and go attend the privateer initiation ceremony, conducted by non other than Hoyt himself.

After this, report to Sam via cell phone and get to the next mission.


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