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Far Cry 3 Get to the South Island

Updated on December 18, 2012

Far Cry 3 Get to South Island

Far Cry 3 Get to the Second Island
Far Cry 3 Get to the Second Island

Far Cry 3 Get to the South Island

In Far Cry 3, the hero Jason must get to the second (and south) island to face off with Hoyt and bring an end to the struggles of the Rakyat against the mercenaries. However, Jason cannot get to the second island until he has actually defeated Vaas. This is the payback quest. Jason must go to Vaas' island and defeat Vaas. Only then can he get access to Willis and get a plane to reach the south island.

Far Cry 3 Get to Vaas' Island and the Compound

The Far Cry 3 game draws to a penultimate climax with the fight against Vaas. Vaas' island is located north of the first island, so first travel to the nearest outpost to the north and then swim across to Vaas' island. Over there, head into the Vaas' pirate camp compound. The action in Vaas' Compound can be stealthy or it can be explosive depending on the hero's preference, or it can be a mixture of the two.

It is likely that after taking down a few pirates, the fight will get very explosive. So bring some mass impact weapons such as the PRG across for this fight. Use cover whenever possible and blast enemies away when they are exposed, particularly for the heavy enemies. These include the heavy gunsmen and the heavy flamethrower. Eventually, Jason Brody will wipe out every pirate in the compound. Jason will stride into Vaas' inner sanctum, shouting Vaas' name.

Far Cry 3 Defeat Vaas

Always a bad idea to shout the enemy's name, because Vaas will be hiding behind a door and will sneak attack Jason. The scene changes to a mystical arena where multiple Vaases will appear to attack the hero. It is best to attack Vaas with the army knife and swipe at all the Vaas images that appear to attack the hero. Heal up when needed. Using the army knife is better than using the submarine gun because the army knife does not need reloading. The reloading time is all the time needed by the multiple images of Vaas to catch up with the hero and finish him. Once the Vaases blocking Jason are put down, make a run for the mystical exit. Once the hero reaches the exit, by some mystical twist, the fortunes of Vaas and Jason are reversed and Vaas is the one defeated by Jason.

Return to Citra and both rejoice and mourn at the passing of a tyrannical maniac and a great warrior.

Far Cry 3 Get to the Second Island Through Willis' Plane

When Jason has recovered from the wounds of his fight with Vaas, contact Willis. Willis has accomplished his mission on Rook Island and is ready to take his espionage skills to Russia. First he must get off Rook island via a small plane and then upgrade to a commercial plane. Willis offers Jason a way to get to the second island via his small plane.

But first, Jason must get to Willis on time to catch the plane and then protect Willis from the remaining pirates. When the plane finally takes off and hovers over the second island, Jason must jump off the plane and pilot his parachute to land the landing zone on the second island.

Jason has finally reached the second (and south) island. It's time to take down Hoyt. But first, Jason needs to get into the Hoyt privateers' ranks.


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