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Top Ten Final Fantasy Fanvids (AMVs)

Updated on January 21, 2015

Reviews of My Favorite Final Fantasy Videos

I love Final Fantasy fanvids/AMVs. It's hard to narrow the list to just ten of the best Final Fantasy amvs ever, but as I glance through my YouTube favorites, there are some clear winners.

Some I love for the content, others for the production quality. Some make me laugh. Some kick ass with their fast-paced action. Video #1 on my list does all of the above. :)

Browse and enjoy my favorite Final Fantasy AMVs, or nominate your own below.

Note: If a movie starts sticking, hit pause and let it load all the way in, THEN play.

Final Fantasy games are by Square-Enix.

10) "Ain't No Other Man" Final Fantasy Guys

This was my all-time favorite Final Fantasy AMV for years, but it disappeared from YouTube in 2011! Come on, GoingCrazy201, please, put it back -- it was fantastic. In the meantime...

9) Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Tribute AMV - A fast-paced retrospective of the Final Fantasy series

Wow. Hang onto your seats. This is a fantastic tribute to the whole Final Fantasy series, from I thru XIII (including XI), plus the FFVII Compilation. So grab your staff, gun, or BIG HONKING SWORD and get ready to save the world from the latest clown (quite literally) or bishie megalomaniac.

8) FFX - Auron FMV- "Unknown Soldier" - One of the Best FFX Fanvids Ever

Holy chocobo on a stick. I love Auron, and have found some great Auron FMVs, including my old favorites Blaze of Glory and Love Him When He's Gone. But this. THIS. This is possibly my favorite Final Fantasy fanvid ever, though "Bustin'" is threatening to unseat it.

This is the best homage to Auron, one of Final Fantasy's best characters.

7) Final Fantasy VII Gold Saucer Dating Scenes - By Scorpicus

On the lighter side, no collection of great Final Fantasy fanvids could be complete without mention of Scorpicus' ridiculous spoofs of the Gold Saucer Dating Scene. FFVII gives Cloud a different "date" depending on choices you made earlier in the game, but there's only a few alternate scenes. Scorpucis hacked into the game and created many more!

Here's Aeris and Sephiroth. There's numerous others from Aeris and Tifa to Hojo and Lucrecia. You also don't want to miss Scorpicus' random FFVII Original Game parodies with such gems as Reno & the Turks watching Advent Children, and a hilarious Lost Battle.

6) Final Fantasy X - "Dreams of the Fayth" AMV - One of my favorite FFX fanvids

I'm trying not to drown you in FFX, but this is another of my favorite videos. The timing is excellent, and I like the fast cuts. Vidders AuronandLulu, who make excellent AMVs, are no relation to me whatsoever; my own fanvids are a lot more amateurish than theirs!

5) Zack and Cloud - "Time of Dying" AMV - Two First Class SOLDIERS

Warning, this gets into the PG range. This is one of my favorite battle/fighting Final Fantasy fanvids, a great homage to Zack, and part of my "Adrenaline" playlist which I sometimes watch to get in the zone for writing battle sequences in my own fanfiction.

4) Final Fantasy VII "Open Your Eyes" AMV - Another Epic Battle Fanvid

Here's another fanvid from my "Adrenaline" playlist. Whatever you may think of some of the spin-offs, sequels, and prequels, the Final Fantasy VII Compilation have given fanvidders a treasure trove of material to play with.

3) "Balthier & Fran: Sky Pirates' Odyssey" FFXII - A Fabulous Final Fantasy 12 AMV

Final Fantasy 12 dragged in spots and lacked the boy-meets-girl love story we're used to, but this fanvid shows its strengths: the gorgeous world of Ivalice, the Byzantine complexities of war and empire and little kingdoms caught in the middle, and most of all, Balthier & Fran.

I'm not sure about the music, "Europa", by Globus. It both fits and doesn't. It seems to talk both of the horrors of war -- which I think Balthier and Fran would agree with -- and paradoxically seems to endorse it. Then again, FFXII is not a black-and-white story.

Anyway, enjoy. Be sure to skim past the credits; there's a bit more at the end.

2) Dead Fantasy By Monty Oum - Chapter 2 HD - Artfully Epic Combat Sequences with Final Fantasy Characters

No mention of Final Fantasy fanvids would be complete without mentioning MontyOum's award-winning Dead Fantasy series, original 3D animated fight sequences created from scratch. I think it really takes off halfway through Part II with Rinoa's arrival, but IV is also stunning with the aeon battles. Warning: Dead Fantasy V (not shown here) starts getting into PG-13 video game gore.

1) "Bustin'" - Best Final Fantasy AMV Ever? - Advent Children / Ghostbusters

I saved the best for last. This is not only funny, the production/quality is top-notch. I'm not surprised it's won many awards. Go to its profile to download a higher-resolution version and see which cons have shown it and which awards it's won.

Vote For Your Favorite Final Fantasy Fanvid - Pick the Best Final Fantasy AMV

Of the ten shown here, which is your favorite Final Fantasy AMV?

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Are Fanvids Legal?

Legal cases are working through the system right now. Early rulings have supported AMVs as "Transformative Works" which add meaning and do not supplant the original. So the answer is not yes, but it's not no either. Visit The Organization for Transformative Works, a group of academics, lawyers, writers and filmmakers, for info on vidding and copyright.

Regardless, Square-Enix itself has made it clear they don't mind fanvids -- they're good advertising!

BONUS: Cockatiel singing a familiar tune - Warning: It WILL Get Stuck in Your Head!

Please leave a note and/or share with fellow Fantasy Fans!

© 2010 auronlu


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