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Final Fantasy My all time Top 20 favourite characters

Updated on March 14, 2016

Final Fantasy Fanboy Beginnings

From what I recall The Year was 1999, I was just five years old. My birthday had come around and my Mother and Father had bought me the fabled PlayStation 1, more affectionately known as the PS1. With this new masterful creation I spent hour upon hour bringing fantasy and imagination to life in the comfort of my own home. With this new console came a few honourable video game mentions in the form of Gran Turismo, This is Football and MediEvil. But none of these titles captured my imagination quite like Final Fantasy 7 did.

Since then I've been hooked on the series and been adding to my collection ever since. I've owned all of the Final Fantasy series apart from the online games 11 and 14. That being said, I have a wide variety of brilliant characters to choose from so without further ado, I would like to welcome and introduce to you my top 20 Final Fantasy Characters of all time, enjoy!!

20. Galuf

Galuf the unfortunate, some may even argue charming Hero. Galuf arrives on the scene in FF5, not knowing where he has come from because of a severe case of amnesia, he endears himself to the audience with his courage and binding loyalty. *Spoiler alert* Later on in the game you find out Galuf is a king from the second world. Galuf already one of the dawn crystal warriors gets picked a second time to defend the earth, that seems pretty cool to me and it's only fitting he be picked to make my list to!

19. Locke Cole

Locke is the pirate look alike from FF6. He's a thief, but a good thief (if there is such a thing) and he always seems to be in the right place at the right time to help a friend out if that friend happens to be Terra or Celes!

18. Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine is a very mysterious, quiet character from FF7. If you know Vincent you know he can turn into undead monsters and the famous Chaos. He also has his own spin off game FF7: Dirge Of Cerberus which I got to say I kind of enjoyed.

17. Sage Tellah

The lovable, hotheaded, mad old sage in FF4 who just wants his daughter Anna back from the evil Golbez. Brilliant character! (Sorry about the small pic!)

16. Vivi Orunitia

Vivi is one of the most unique characters of the Final Fantasy series (although you could argue he looks like every generic black mage there has ever been!) however his personality manages to shine through! Constantly thinking about his life and creation, throughout FF9 he does a lot of soul searching but when the chips are down he never fails to impress with some bad ass powerful spells.

15. Kain Highwind

FF4's Dragoon and Cecils bestfriend. Kain is a powerful character physically but mentally not so much. He is taken over four times in the game by Golbez but when you do get him on your side you benefit from some very cool dragoon jumping abilities that do some decent damage! Along with that lets not forget how cool his armour looks too.

14. Squall Leonhart

Squall is the main character in FF8. He isn't the most sociable guy to be around but his weapon and abilities completely make up for his lack of talking!

13. Auron

FF10's legendary guardian auron another one of Final Fantasy's mysterious characters. He is the most powerful and experienced character auron is a samurai his Katana deals immense damage.

12. Cecil Harvey

Cecil is the main protagonist in FF4 raised by the king of baron. He's a dark knight that learns the error of his ways and turns into a considerably powerful Paladin.This is not without of course a strenuous journey that shows him the king for what he is. Cecils all round character has some great twists and turns in his storyline that's why he's made my list!

11. Tidus

FF10's happy go lucky Tidus is one of the most infectous characters in the history of FF. Sometimes quite a whinger but there is quite a considerable change of character throughout the game. Eventually he grows up and becomes a leader.

10. Cid

Cid is a re-occuring character in all of the final fantasies there is no way you can leave a character this legendary out, so I'm not gonna pick one specific Cid I'm just gonna go with all of them!

9. ExDeath

One of the best Villains in Final Fantasy history. I love the final fight with ex death one of my favourite boss battles because of the cool transformations he undertakes.

8. Barret Wallace

Foul Mouthed, Gun attatched to his arm, what more do you want! Barret is the leader of terrorist organisation AVALANCHE in FF7.Secretly he's quite a softy.

7. Wakka

Wakka is a funny laid back character that calms the mood even when it seems things are at breaking point. He has to be in my list for his team player personality and great Hawaiian accent. Ya?

6. Zidane Tribal

Zidane the rat boy and theif from FF9 is one of the greats his cheeky personality and womanising attitude makes him one of the funnier characters in the series.

5. Zack Fair

Zack is Clouds alterego in FF7 the real soldier but his character really comes to play in the game Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core where he is the main protagonist. Zack makes the list because of the energy he has and the attitude he has towards life oh and he can fight too.

4. Steiner

Steiner the clumsy knight who lives to serve from FF9. Their isn't a more loyal character in the whole series if you needed a bodyguard this would be the ideal guy.

3. Sephiroth

The most notorious of all Final Fantasy villains Sephiroth from FF7 has an unbelievable amount of strength and power. Ex Soldier Hero turned Villain his goal is the destruction of the world by merging with the lifestream. Undoubtedly gave me one of the best boss battles of all time.

2. Yuna

Yuna from Final Fantasy 10 is for me the best female character in FF history. She has strong will power and can summon deadly magic beasts she's incredibly powerful. She shows constant grit and determination, when it comes to taking out Sin and getting the job done she lets no one get in her way. We will also pretend dancing Yuna in FFX-2 never happened.

1. Cloud Strife

Cloud is the most iconic figure in the Final Fantasy series the most memorable character with the spiked hair and the huge buster sword. Cloud is the perfect example of a heroes tale how he overcomes all the odds to defeat the evil Sephiroth and save the planet. In my opinion Cloud is the best Hero in possibly the greatest video game story ever told that's why he's number 1.

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