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Finding the right MMORPG or Online Game for you, what good is a review if you read it and don’t want to do that anyway?

Updated on August 1, 2017

Well, now that you know you want to play an MMORPG or do some kind of online involvement how do you know what to do?

Well this is a summary of what is out there now. I will break them down into lists with a description of that type and a description of the game itself (or a short brief overview). I hope you find this just as helpful as my other Hub and hope you visit it if you like this one. Anyway lets begin:

Action \ Adventure MMORPGs:

This category would be you as an actual online character and have the ability of movement and completing tasks. These would be the ones with magic or ships, or even starcrusers. This is what you want if you want to destroy things alone and as part of a clan or in space terms, federation. These are fun but also the most limited on graphics and effects. This type of game are the ones that require time and devotion to level or gain anything to further enjoy your gaming experience.

This type of category would include:

-Runescape- Maturity varies with users and time zones, can be annoying with lower level beggars who don’t want to do things for themselves. This is a medieval game that has everything like Dragons, Amour, Metal weapons, Combat, Magical creatures with magical abilities. It contains minigames for all levels, only best if paid for a membership. Takes lots of time to level\ make money but it does a good job of making it worth it.

-Eve Online- Hard to understand at first. Is a game based in space, everything is ran by computers and fleets of ships and solo ships are what you make contact with. Not for young people, too difficult to understand controls. This takes a lot of time to level but everything can be bought for real money (in game currency) and it isn’t illegal.

-World of Warcraft- WoW is an addicting game. You start as a race and a low level and then need to train for hours to get money for items+ levels to be better then other people. Largest amount of active players WoW is similar to Runescape but costs more and has better graphics. Every race can have magical abilities.

-Everquest- Again, a game with magic, mostly played in small groups of 4-12 players to fight big monsters. Also goes on an experience system. Higher level players can team with lower level plays for them to raise at a quicker rate but has a higher danger level.

-Dungeon & Dragons- Slaying dragons is not the only thing in this game. It has a lot of other creatures too. Some puzzles to figure out and can be played in small group units. Like the rest it contains magic and potions, the works.

Role Playing\ Movie\ Story

This category has games that contain the similar content as the Action\ Adventure ones. The only thing that differs these are they follow a pre-made plot. In the Action\ Adventure ones the player normally chooses what they want to do, what quests when etc, but in a plotted one you must follow the storyline while completing parts of the story.

Examples of these would be:

-Pirates of the Caribbean Online- Become a legendary pirate and fight along Jack in this epic adventure of sword and gun play on ships and raiding towns.

-ToonTown- ToonTown is a game where you can do what you want but when you do fight it follows a timeline. ToonTown is mostly younger kids and its not suggested to play it because of the lack of mental thinking it takes, sure it is full of comedy but older players wouldn’t enjoy it for the amount of the cost.

2D/ Chat Based / Role Playing

There are plenty of these around and some are better then the others. These can be totally forum based or have an add on 2D world to them. These are fun to many people and appealing because they normally don’t take as much work as the 3D ones. These can work just like the others but in a different way. If you like chatting and talking on forums more then walking a character around or doing anything else but playing mini-games then this is the type for you. Most of these offer free accounts and don’t cost anything, others apparently cost money.

Examples include:

-Gaia Online- Gaia online is a perfect site for the poster. This site you can have your own personal page, own personal or public journal, and most activities are done on the forums. You here are a 2D avatar by playing the flash games and browsing the site you gain gold pieces to buy your avatar clothes and items. This does have a 2d environment and has classic games like blackjack.

-Wonderland Online- Based on several ancient South American and Pacific Island cultures; the mysterious Mayans, the huge stone statues of Easter Island and much more combine to form unique quests filled with fascinating elements that players will experience throughout the game. This is more movement in game with a mouse type of game. It also contains a forum community the friends normally talk in game and not on forums.

-MapleStory- MapleStory is also a walk around 2d game. It has a forum community and a lot happens on the forums, but the quests and most of the fun happen in game.

There are many MMORPGs out there to try and take up, I can at least categorize them for you =). Hopefully these examples help you pick out a game to play and enjoy like many of thousands of others.

Note: This is not a complete list of all MMORPGs, there are literally hundreds of them. This may not even be all the types of MMORPGs available, but there the ones I have knowledge about.


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