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Call of duty black ops 2: Hit or miss?

  1. isenhower33 profile image76
    isenhower33posted 5 years ago

    Is call of duty going to live up to the hype? After a lot of reviews I think it will be a hit...hit or miss? And why?

    1. atechwiz profile image69
      atechwizposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Personally I think that depends on what you are using as your definition of hit or miss.  Commercially I think there is no way that it is not going to be a hit. Any game with the Call of Duty name is probably going to sell extremely well.  If on the other hand, you are talking about critical success or perhaps how it rates out on say Metacritic, that could be different.  In this case however, given that Activision relies so heavily on this franchise I cannot imagine it being a bad game.  Can it innovate?  That too would be an interesting question and unfortunately, I do not know.

      1. isenhower33 profile image76
        isenhower33posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Yea but a lot of people didnt like modern warfare 3, which i know its made by a different counterpart. I kinda liked it. But some people dont see it the way i do lol And yea any cod will do good no matter what. But i see them changing some things that needed some change.

        1. Desecous profile image60
          Desecousposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          In the way that COD BO1 was a hit, the next one will be as well. Personally, with the exception of MW1 and 2, I am starting to get annoyed with the COD franchise and see it as catering to the masses and not necessarily to the gaming community. The idea that they're turning into a "sports like" franchise with tourneys, celebrities, and prizes kind of under minds the whole gaming community and makes the competition much more unfriendly. I put away my MW3 and started focusing more on BF3. Hacks were out for MW3 the day it was released, and not that long after Black Ops was out. Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical. I'll wait for the Virtual Reality games before I'm impressed again...

          1. isenhower33 profile image76
            isenhower33posted 5 years agoin reply to this

            Yea i can see that point of view for sure. They have been making up some crazy stuff, and i think COD will be like a sports franchise game. It'll just keep going and going until someone hopefully comes up with something that can top it but that will be tough.