The gaming experience- What's the best part?

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    TNT Huskyposted 4 years ago

    As gamers, we all experience different things in video games. One of might feel relief when we land the final hit on Bowser in a Mario game. Others might not care, but are suddenly floored when they see that they unlocked some new secret after taking care of the final boss. As gamers, we all have different experiences, even with the same game. But we all have one experience that defines who we are as gamers. The one memory we store in our minds that give us the reason to be gamers, and to keep striving for other, similar experiences.

    I remember the greatest experience I had, which not only made me into the gamer I am today, but which made this humble Indiana guy into a dedicated analyzer, and an aspiring game designer. I was playing Ratchet and clank: Going Commando for the first time on my brand used PS2. It was around 3 in the morning and I didn't want to go to bed, I was too busy being shot at by aliens and chased by mechanical chickens! I jumped on top of a fountain to try and avoid fire, when I noticed something off, I had stumbled on a teleporter! I pressed the button after clearing out the baddies, and found myself in another room full of even more baddies! "Why did I do that!?" I thought to myself as I frantically strafe jumped and fired away at the aliens. When they were all gone and the lasers and particle effects had cleared, I saw another Teleporter. I used it, and was promptly Taken out of the level. It took me to a level that looked like earth, which I had NEVER thought to see in this game, but It was called "Planet Burbank." Of course, back then, I didn't know there was a city called burbank. But nonetheless, I was floored when I appeared in front of a sign reading "Insomniac museum." I chalked one up for all nighters as I explored the museum until 6 in the morning, mouth agape at all the interesting things I saw that never quite made it into the game. That not only fueled me to aspire to become a game designer, but It made me start playing games all day to explore them, and find every awesome little secret I could, even going beyond the games, and making my way online to research.

    But enough riding down memory lane, what Game experience do you remember that started your journey into the video game world, and what did it turn you into from that perspective?