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what game system do you think is the best? not asking, i already know, just want

  1. jordan K. profile image50
    jordan K.posted 8 years ago

    what game system do you think is the best? not asking, i already know, just want to start a console

    when i get a desent amount of comments (or if a specific comment pisses me off) ill tell you which console i think is the best.

  2. TheMountainMan profile image61
    TheMountainManposted 8 years ago

    I think the PS3 is the best because of the number of different things you can do with it.  1. Play games  2. Surf the Web  3. Play Blu Ray movies  4. Put your photos on it  5. Put your videos on it.  6.  Buy Pay Per View Movies  7. Download different types of media  8.  Play games online  9.  Interact with the public through Sony's virtual world with the PlayStation Network 10. Connect with your main computer and stream media content.  And there are few other things it can now do as well but I think because of these items, it's the best console out there.

  3. SimeyC profile image96
    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    Difficult question really - depends on what you use it for or what games you like to play - the PS3 is technically the best, but the Wii is the most family oriented. The XBOX 360 is good and may become the best if Project Natal is successful.

    So the best is PS3...at the moment!

  4. Joseph Leming profile image55
    Joseph Lemingposted 8 years ago

    I would have to say the Xbox 360 just for it's accessibility and functionality. After all Xbox owners may have to pay for online service. But it's a stable enviroment you can almost always count on.

  5. R P Chapman profile image61
    R P Chapmanposted 8 years ago

    Any console is only as good as the games you play on it so the answer is different for everyone. Sure, the PS3 is the most technically gifted currently, the xbox the most accessible and the wii an alternative choice, but which is the best depends on you.