can't get the xclamp fix to work this time

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    d00dposted 8 years ago

    can't get the xclamp fix to work this time

    I noticed that the 1st time I did this fix the case fan was spinning eventho the 3 red lights were flashing. Now, the fan spins ONLY after I press the pwr button but as soon as the 3 red lights flash, it stops spinning. The dvd tray also won't eject when I try to power up the 360 this way unlike the 1st time I did the xclamp fix. I even left the damn thing  for over 1hr to 'overheat' but it wouldn't and when I power it on again it still has the red ring.  did i break the gpu & cpu when I tightened it this time? Is something wrong w/the fan or the dvd?

  2. Big Sky profile image60
    Big Skyposted 7 years ago

    I see these symptoms on consoles where people have tried the towel trick one to many times. The fans get screwed up some how.