Xbox reads open tray even when a game is in the tray

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    hkennedy411posted 7 years ago

    Xbox reads open tray even when a game is in the tray

  2. Peteong profile image58
    Peteongposted 7 years ago

    Hi hkennedy411

    ok so this is more common than you think its known as the open/close tray error,

    Unfortunately there are several causes, it could be the lense needs cleaning, it may be the disk drive that needs re-alligning or just laser re-alligning.

    It is a simple fix when you use a repair guide, i use XBOX 360 3 red lights fix, not only for the Red ring of death but for more common error's like yours,

    Have a look at the guide and read everything it has to offer

    Just go to  click on reviews and choose chris jones's read the full review before downloading the guide.

    You can have an error free xbox guaranteed or you money back and for just $23.99 its well worth it

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    profpektonposted 7 years ago

    The tray gear has become worn and so is not aligning right. This makes it think its open when its not etc. They are easy to replace . You can pick up refurbished dvds on ebay easily. If you have a good guide that has step by step instructions, good pictures and videos. I use EasyXboxFix