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how would i find out how much my minnie and mickey mouse stuffed toys were worth

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    AJBowland1posted 7 years ago

    how would i find out how much my minnie and mickey mouse stuffed toys were worth?

  2. tritrain profile image84
    tritrainposted 7 years ago

    Do a search for the same, or similar, toys on Ebay and such sites.

    Also, do a search for Ted Hake's book called Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles by Ted Hake.  It's highly recommended.

  3. 7minnied profile image57
    7minniedposted 7 years ago

    well, I have looked up some items in a Disney toy catalog, but many just aren't listed.  I would suggest you do some checking on Yahoo and Google, by just typing in what kind of items you have and see what they are selling for.  I sell most items on eBay, but always check to see what the same or similar item is selling for.  Sometimes you can really get a jolt. For instance, I had a 1994 Minnie $10 Disney bill that was in the envelope that I purchased with it, and I posted it to sell with my opening bid to begin at $10.  A very nice person contacted me to let me know that it was worth several hundred dollars, and that I should be careful of someone wanted to 'buy it now' for a much lower number, which did happen.  Almost immediately after posting the item a man contacted me and asked me to let him 'buy it now', which ends your auction, for $50.  Now, that sounded great since I was only asking $10, but thanks to the man who told me it's worth, I left it on auction and in 7 days, received 41 bids, finally selling it for$347.90!! 
    So do some foot work, and you might just post a 'Hub" on looking for the value of the item.  Also, if you tell me specifically what items you have, I may have their value and would be happy to let you know.  Take care and good luck.

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    AJBowland1posted 7 years ago

    in reply to 7minnied, i have a minnie mouse and mickey mouse that were purchased in disney world, florida, about 20 years ago, they are in good condition so i would like to check their value before i let my children have them, the minnie is roughly 50cm sittting and mickey is roughly 60cm sitting