mouse runs slow in call of duty black ops

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    brian210374posted 7 years ago

    mouse runs slow in call of duty black ops

  2. slc334 profile image44
    slc334posted 7 years ago

    Although this could be a number of things, I believe it is most likely the mouse sensitivity setting.  In order to test this you should run call of duty, find the mouse sensitivity setting, and adjust it to the maximum sensitivity (make sure to apply this setting by clicking ok and returning to the game).  Hope this works!

  3. TwoDee profile image72
    TwoDeeposted 7 years ago

    I know why, Your settings are too high. Try lowering your display settings, make sure your game has the latest "fixes" black ops for pc is very unstable it runs terribly on computers that are way higher spec than recommended. Black ops was made for consoles and adapted to work on pc's (badly I might add) try again in about 6 months and they might have patched it to run properly (maybe). Activision just want money for the console version and very little thought went into the PC release.