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What is your favorite PC game from the last two years?

  1. CZCZCZ profile image84
    CZCZCZposted 6 years ago

    What is your favorite PC game from the last two years?

    Any good Personal Computer games to try out that launched within the last 2 years?

  2. Gramalho profile image76
    Gramalhoposted 6 years ago

    WoW... that's a difficult question to answer, because you have to be more specific... what type of game do you like?

  3. Veneficus333 profile image58
    Veneficus333posted 6 years ago

    I'd have to say Starcraft II.  I wouldn't even say that RTS is my favorite genre, however the game is so well polished and the community so great that it's hard to argue with.

  4. GGEniGma profile image60
    GGEniGmaposted 6 years ago

    Starcraft 2, all the way.  I bought it at release having never played an RTS, and since then I've only bought a very small handful of games as all I ever want to play is SC2.  That will, unfortunately, change in November.  The BEST game to come out is in fact, Skyrim, and I'm stupidly pumped

  5. bmukherjii profile image58
    bmukherjiiposted 6 years ago

    I like Allods Online. Its a fantasy MMORPG and doesn't need to pay any subscription fees

  6. profile image0
    utogiposted 6 years ago

    Skyrim, is absolutely amazing. It is my first ever Elder Scrolls game, but it definitely won't be my last. The amount of  content inside the game blows me away. Also the visuals are amazing, pushing my pc to the breaking point !