Value of a 1910 "tea Dress"

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    crystaldreamsposted 6 years ago

    Value of a 1910 "tea Dress"

    I have a 1910 "tea dress" in perfect condition.  Absolutely beautiful .cream color, hand tatted, little buttons, about a size 4 or 5.  It came to me 30 years ago from a historical society.  I paid $50 for it, but know it is way more valuable.  Could you give me a value on it?  I would like to sell it as it is a little tight on me now.

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    Dolores Monetposted 6 years ago

    Hi, Chrystal - wow, that is incredible and sounds beautiful. While I am very interested in antiques and vintage fabrics, I have no idea of the actual value of your tea dress. Even if I did know, values change quickly especially in today's crazy economy.

    Perhaps you could contact the historical society. Or do a search on ebay for sales of similar items. I know that museums with textile departments can give you information but not value. Most people who will give you a valid appraisal will charge you -  maybe about $15.00 or so.

    The trouble is that with today's economy, antiques are not commanding a lot of money (unless they are really special). Plus, people are cutting down on their stuff, so there are a lot of cool old things on the market.

    I saw a few similar dresses for sale online at around $120.00.

    Good luck!