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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Vs. Call of Duty World at War

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    KittyBallsposted 8 years ago

    Hey guys, just wanted to know, which of these two games are your favirote. List the Pro's and Con's for Both Games.

    My personal favirote is World at War, because of the nazi zombies, gave me hours of fun, but the multiplayer wasnt much different, so I just went back to Modern Warfare for Multiplayer. Cant forget the storyline either, can we? Anyways I though the World at War Storyline was a bit too boring, and a bit too hard even on normal setting. But for Modern warfare it was challenging, but not as hard.

    So yeah, List your opinions guys, Thanks.

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      tagking1109posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      yeah i dont like nazi zombies that much because its pointless of what you're doing all you are doing is killing zombies for hours..... now call of duty modern warfare two is a different story it shows people whats happening in the world right now thats the better thing about mw

  2. brodie8288 profile image51
    brodie8288posted 8 years ago

    Modern Warfare took the Call Of Duty series and turned it on it's ear.....so that alone may make it seem better than World At War. But the best things about World At War aren't so much flat-out in the open, as they are behind the scenes. It's gritty, it's dark, there's small moments of extreme, unexpected happenings, and personally, I think it's got one of the best sniper levels in any game. I enjoyed the multiplayer maps a tiny bit better on Modern Warfare, but only because I gave that more time than World At War. If I gave WaW a bit more attention upon initial release, I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more.

    So....I like World At War better, if not for the feel, then just for the story.

  3. steffer profile image59
    stefferposted 8 years ago

    for me this is a very easy answer, defenetly modern warfare.

    Although i have to say that the storyline of the world at war game, was pretty neat, the multi player game of modern warfare was much more fun. i have played both the games, but there was something with world at war, that just couldn't keep me playing.

    Specially in the online multi player mode, the perks and extra's are much more fun in modern warfare, also the weapons in mw1 are much better and give a better handling. After being used of playing modern warfare, going to world at war was a bit of a shock, i don't like the weapons, and the extra's like the dogs, just don't do it to me. It's much more fun, getting an helicopter.

    Also, i like to play as a sniper, so, when i need to choose, i prefer the 50.cal instead of one from the 1940's.

    I have marked the 10th of november on my calendar.For the modern warfare2 game, i can't wait.


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    xravexheavenxposted 8 years ago

    I like World at War a lot better because of the older weapons.

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    critnourposted 8 years ago

    I would have to go with Modern Warfare because it was modern.  There are just too many world war 2 games out there, it's getting repetative.

    1. steffer profile image59
      stefferposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      That's completely true
      i mean, aren't people getting tired of them?
      i too like to kill some germans and so, but the thing that is starting to set me back is that in almost any of the wwo2 games, all levels or maps are the same like.

      It is great that huge parts of that war are used, this also learns people some extra history in a fun way. But there almost always the same in much games.

      Like for instance, the landing of normandie, the fallaise gap,...
      operation market garden in Holland, and so forth.

      Now i live in Belgium, and we sure have had our part of the fight, but in how many games, you find something about the battles here, except for the Ardennes offensive. (see band of brothers episode5)

      There where even worse fights in Brussels, Antwerp....but nothing about that in those games, and that's what sucks to me.

      Therefore i like modern warfare more, it is something new, finally we're able to play with modern weapons, and everybody can relate to the time and place of the game, cause we see those things every single day in the news. This ads a great feeling of reality.

  6. Wonder_Woman profile image53
    Wonder_Womanposted 8 years ago

    World at war hands down, come on nazi zombies?

  7. mynameisnotpaul profile image69
    mynameisnotpaulposted 8 years ago

    There is no comparison. MW owns WaW.

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    thisisoliposted 8 years ago

    I prefer MW, however I still love to play the old COD's!

    I am still boycotting the latest MW2, no dedicated server support, only one profile, sh** loads of problems connecting to multiplayer games.  Screw that I liked it when you could choose how you wanted to play, sure leave the mix and match oprion in, but BRING BACK DEDICATED SERVERS!

  9. xboxps3wow profile image42
    xboxps3wowposted 8 years ago

    I like Modern Warfare 2 a lot better! I never played the zombies, so with all these new updates and upgrades for weapons, I enjoy the MW2 better.

  10. Nixon545 profile image60
    Nixon545posted 8 years ago

    yea i definatly think mw2 is better. But there are still many things bad about it that i stated in one of my hubs(not advertising it) ha. But i didnt play much cod5 and i went back to cod4 until mw2 came out.

  11. ryansjones profile image59
    ryansjonesposted 8 years ago

    I liked Modern Warfare 2 more than World At war.  I liked the death matches on it, as well as the co op missions you can do with other players.

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    Jared in Vegasposted 8 years ago

    I liked the campaign mode of World At War better because I felt more involved in the game.  I mean, it lets you play through a very significant time in history. The campaign mode of Modern Warfare seems a little more like fantasy, but I agree, if you play multiplayer then Modern Warfare is better.  To be honest though, I usually turn to Halo 3 for my multiplayer.

  13. ForKicks profile image53
    ForKicksposted 8 years ago

    I haven't played World At War, but I've seen countless missions on youtube on it, so don't count me out of this subject.

    In my opinion, Modern Warfare 2 outshines World At War.
    First of all, I want to know is, who in the hell gave activision the permission to put zombies in a war game? I didn't know Capcom's Resident Evil 5 had an affair with Activision. I wasn't feeling the zombie idea whatsoever.

  14. cabinetkings profile image58
    cabinetkingsposted 8 years ago

    Modern Warfare 2 is exponentially better than World at War.

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    Brumnickposted 8 years ago

    I prefer Modern warfare 2, 1 then WaW in that order!

  16. passthejelly profile image80
    passthejellyposted 7 years ago

    I think that a lot more effort went in to making Modern Warfare and it's a lot less buggy.  I'd do with MW