What wold YOU like to see in an Android/iOS game?

  1. Uzdawi profile image74
    Uzdawiposted 5 years ago

    What wold YOU like to see in an Android/iOS game?


    so we are a small 'startup' company developing mobile applications for various companies. Although there are a lot of orders, and work is never short, we are planning to release our very own 'working title' Android/iOS game to the market. Since we are in the very very early stages of the process, we would like to know Your wildest fantasies(but still realistic) and games You used to like to play on Your now old PC. Any feedback is appreciated!

    Thank You!

  2. Alucard_1990 profile image71
    Alucard_1990posted 5 years ago

    I was going to give you an awesome answer, but now that I know you're an Android developer, I really couldn't. I am an Android developer myself. I work on security apps at my day job and I create games in my personal time. I am working on one myself right now, which is what I was going to suggest to you, but yeah.

    I will say this though, I haven't seen ANY real time strategy games...

    haha, good luck man!

  3. Khal Blogo profile image61
    Khal Blogoposted 5 years ago

    You should make a TBS. They're easier to make, and there's shockingly few of them, considering that the genre is perfect for mobiles and tablets. Try to make something along the lines of Heroes of might and magic. If you make an interesting gameplay, a nice campaign and you balance the factions well enough, it could be a hit.