If you played Diablo 3, why did/didn't you like it?

  1. JohnGreasyGamer profile image86
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 5 years ago

    If you played Diablo 3, why did/didn't you like it?

    I'd just like to know your thoughts on the subject - what made it so good or bad in your opinion? After 12 or so years, people have said it was "disappointing" and "well worth the wait", but didn't state why other than server issues and lag. I've looked everywhere for valid points, but not really found any. Your comments are much appreciated!

  2. GamerxGuy profile image60
    GamerxGuyposted 5 years ago

    i enjoyed it but the game is not as long and as hard as i hoped, great fun though most fun probably i have had playing with friends on a game cause we found it calm and relaxing to play.

    i did not like the fact it's not as hard or as long as i hoped as i have already said, and the lagg and the gold spammers trying to friend me every time i log on, also on the errors that happened during the first couple of weeks.

    but overall love the game you can see that a lot of work went into making it.

  3. Arioch profile image83
    Ariochposted 5 years ago

    Its a good game, the story is good, the gameplay is good it just doesn't seem to have the replayability that diablo II did.  The 4 levels normal, nightmare, hell and inferno are just replays of the game through again but harder (like diablo II) some levels are the same others are similar but randomly laid out.

    At harder levels it also become very gear based meaning either spending money on the auction house (ingame or scarily real money) or endless grinding through basically the same content to get better gear. 

    12 years ago it was good but a lots changed since then leaving the game lacking that special something.  The first play through on normal sees you having the seen the game, completed the quests and at least tried most of the spells/abilities.

    Its definately worth playing but wont have you come back like diablo II did.