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Is League of Legends the best MOBA?

  1. MountainManJake profile image89
    MountainManJakeposted 5 years ago

    Is League of Legends the best MOBA?

  2. bestweddingspeech profile image58
    bestweddingspeechposted 5 years ago

    I think I'll say yes, having been a passionate LOL player. And I saw it ranking first in some MOBA top games on some sites, so it seems to be one of the best, but I don't you can say it's definitely the best, because here comes into play what each person likes. Some friends of mine consider LOL to have a way too nice and complicated graphic, with too many details that complicate the game. But I like it. So it's not easy to say it's better or not than Dota... But my vote goes to LOL, of course

    1. MountainManJake profile image89
      MountainManJakeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree.  DOTA 2 and Smite are definitely giving it a run for its money however!

  3. ryanraff profile image59
    ryanraffposted 5 years ago

    It is the most popular MOBA but when it comes to skillcap and pace Heroes of Newerth would be the best.  It is not as popular because it has a very steep learning curve that most players simply do not want to deal with so LOL and Dota2 attract more players.  The competitive scene is also more popular in LOL and Dota2 as well.  Also the community can be harsh to new players and in games if you are not doing well you're going to hear about, something else new players can't or won't deal with.

  4. Game Obsessed profile image70
    Game Obsessedposted 5 years ago

    Like anything best depends on the person. There is no doubt that the game is the biggest by far.

    Personally I do think it is the best MOBA at the moment, it has good balance, its reasonably accessible to new players, great competitive scene and the game flows well.

    Not to say there aren't some other good MOBA games out there that may rise in the future.

  5. JohnGreasyGamer profile image83
    JohnGreasyGamerposted 4 years ago

    Before Wrath of Heroes was closed down, I would say that would've been on top. It was new user friendly, the Heroes were affordable, there was a perfect balance (save for Aessa who was incredibly tough for a non-Tank character) and best of all, it was based loosely on the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Game universe. I've yet to play an MOBA that surpasses the fairness, community and replayability of WoH.