Have I been hacked on the Playstation Network?!

  1. mcbel profile image73
    mcbelposted 4 years ago

    Have I been hacked on the Playstation Network?!

    A few nights ago I was invited to a chat party while playing Battlefield 4. It was from a player on my team. I accepted it and played with him for a few more nights.
    Later he began inviting his other friends to play. These folks were white, but their stories were and well delivered that they sounded scripted/recorded. Next I listened to him talk to a girl on the phone. At first she didn't want to talk to him, but he coerced her into coming over in under five minutes. Finally we were joined by a very deep black voice with ominous background music. They began sharing personal information.

  2. pctechgo profile image74
    pctechgoposted 4 years ago

    Playstation is similar to the WII U. I am a bit more familiar with the WII U. I suspect the Playstation has user or network accounts like the WII U does. I know that if a Nintedo WII U password is hacked, the hacker can make changes to anything that's available from within that account. If the Playstation has similar "network" or online user accounts then it is possible to be hacked. 
    I suggest that if you feel you have been hacked or in the least see unusual or suspicious things going on that are making you think you might have been, change your passwords as soon as you can.