What is so special about Lodolite stones?

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    oceansnsunsetsposted 3 years ago

    What is so special about Lodolite stones?

    I have recently discovered the lodolite stone, and it really has me intrigued.  I wondered if anyone here can share more about this stone, and various colors that I have seen in these crystal clear stones?  I am curious what causes the various colors, or if the colored parts might be dyed?  They seem crystal clear, but with the neatest inclusions within them.  What kind of stone is it?  What is the most valuable form of it?  I don't need all these questions answered, but just any of them would be nice.  I have loved stones for a long time, and never heard of this one!   So I am trying to learn.

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    flash167posted 3 years ago

    Lodolite is simply quartz which comes from Brazil that has inclusions or impurities in it.  These impurities are what give the different colors and patterns.

    I'm sure there is a possibility that there are dyed stones available.  Much of the Brazilian agate that is available for purchase in the United States is dyed with bright colors.

    I am not a fan of dyed stones but there is a definite market for them.

    Quartz comes in many colors such as green, yellow, purple and pink.  If the coloration is subtle in the clear areas of the stone or if the clear areas are colorless then it is very likely natural.  I would stay away from very bright unnatural looking colors in quartz or agate.

    You can find some wonderful inclusions in quartz some that even have somewhat of a cats eye effect or what is known as chatoyance. 

    Tiger Eye is an example of Chatoyant Quartz.  The effect is caused by inclusions that all line up in the same direction.