The rise of mobile esports

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    Shogunposted 2 months ago

    The evolution of esports has created new business opportunities for developers, game studios, and other companies jumping into the fray.

    Despite popularity of mobile games, trying to monetize – and expand mobile esports – just hasn't garnered the same amount of attention. The gaming subsection of mobile esports, however, seems to be thriving along with the vertical overall.

    As noted by David Mok, Director of Developer Partnerships at Skillz, while speaking at the recent Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum:

    ”Mobile is the next big opportunity in esports. Most importantly, it's a platform nearly everyone already has access to, with a great market presence. Furthermore, mobile truly provides everyone with the opportunity to become involved – as a developer, casual player, hardcore competitor, or even as an employee within the industry.”

    Skillz also recently announced the top 10 esports gamers split $2.7 million in prize money – with the top player earning $420,994. Tech giant Tencent isn't just collecting the benefits of League of Legends, but hopes to see Arena of Valor turn into a mobile esports juggernaut.

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    paradigmsearchposted 2 months ago

    First I'd heard of this. Sounds interesting. I'll have to find one where the older one is, the better their chances are; somehow I don't think that will be easy. big_smile

    Meanwhile, thought I'd contribute this: … 13ff321855

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      Shogunposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Isn't that absolutely wild? I'm working on an actual story related to esports, and definitely threw a mention of that into the post. College scholarships for esports, and some of them will manage to become pro players after they are done with their education!