GamesaGalore Xbox 360 Repair. Has anyone used these guys??

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    sacalac420posted 7 years ago

    Gamesagalore Xbox 360/PS3 Repair
    Michigan's most trusted name in Xbox 360/PS3 repair!
    Home of the $40 fix!
    Our Waterford location is located in the Dixieland Market Place.
    Dixieland Market Place hours:
    Fri,4pm-9pm: Walk-ins Welcome
    Sat, 10am-6pm: Walk-ins Welcome
    Sun, 10am-6pm: Walk-ins Welcome

    Visit our Taylor, MI. shop here

    Please come on in and watch us fix your Xbox 360/PS3. You will see and understand all the steps and procedures it takes to get you back in the game!   
    We are Michigan's top Walk-in XBox 360/PS3 Repair Shop.  Our technicians are highly trained specialist.  We've repaired thousands of these consoles, offering a high rate of success. 
    We strive to send you & your kids out with a smile!!!!!

    Come watch while we repair your Xbox 360/PS3!
    Our local Waterford, MI. phone number:
    XBox360/PS3 Repair
    2045 Dixie Highway.
    Waterford, MI. 48328

    Same Day Service!!!!
    Unlike our Mail-in Customers, locals are offered the opportunity to sit & watch as we repair their consoles. Most repairs take around 1 hour. Don't feel like watching?  Browse the many other shops while we repair your system. We have several Technicians on hand to get you in and fixed as quickly as possible.
    Our Technicians are able to quickly diagnose and repair any issue not limited to but including, RROD, E-74, E-68, E-69, E-73, E-71, Etc..
    Open tray error, disk read error, foreign language, sticky tray, jammed tray? We can repair any disk drive issue you come across. 
    We also offer our services in Modding your Disk Drive.  This offers you the ability of playing Back-Up games.  Never spend $60 on a game you already owned again!!!!

    Xbox 360:
    Disk Drive Replacement: $50.00
    Any Red Light issue: $40.00
    Disk Drive Modification: $30.00

    PlayStation 3:
      Any Red or Yellow Light issue: $60.00
    BlueRay Drive Replacement: $100.00