Types of sea shells

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    A seashell is the common name for a

    hard, protective outer layer that

    was created by a sea creature.

    A shell is a part of the body of a sea creature.

    Some seashells are home to some living creatures

    where as others are waiting to be washed on to drying land.

    Seashells are most often found on beaches or

    other parts of the coastline.Seashells have been

    admired, studied and used by humans for many different

    purposes throughout history and pre-history.Most of the

    20,000 species are marine including clams, mussels, oysters

    and scallops.


    Bivalves are also called pelecypods.

    Bivalves are often the most common seashells that wash up

    on large sandy beaches or in sheltered lagoons.

    About one third of the species are Bivalves.

    They can sometimes be extremely numerous.

    Very often the two valves  of the shell become separated.

                             Florida Fighting Shell

    A Florida Fighting Shell is also called a Pink Coach.

    The height of this sea shell is 7-10 cm. It has a thick

    surface. Its color can be yellowish brown or reddish brown and

    it can also have pale spots or zigzag stripes. This type

    of sea shell is more separated than others and is knobbed.

    It is a very expensive and precious shell.It can be found

    in the Pacific Ocean.


    This shell is one of the most commonly found sea shells.

    It varies in the size of the shell greatly. Deep in the

    salt water a conch shell is a home to a snail.

    It is famous and is appreciated, for its beauty

    and its sound, on land. It is vastly used as a musical

    instrument in various cultures of the world.

                               California Cone

    The height of this seashell is about 1.9-4.1 cm. It

    has low spire and is broadly conical. The color of

    this type of shell is yellowish brown with a whitish

    band at an angle. It is covered with a thin brown colored

    periostracum which is finely fibrous.

                               Tounge Twister

    She sells seashells on the seashore.



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