Santa collection set Guiness record

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    Jean-Guy Laquerre Santa collection

    Posted on 24. Dec, 2010 by Forest in General Articles, Opinion

    Jean-Guy Laquerre Santa collectionThe Jean-Guy Laquerre Santa collection just got into the Guinness book of records

    Having hobbies is fun and often collecting is a great hobby to have. For Jen-Guy Laquerre though he may have gone a little overboard but at least it has landed him a Guinness World Record! This is a funny holiday story that I thought would be nice to share!
    The Jean-Guy Laquerre Santa collection

    Quebec can get pretty cold and lonely in the Winter especially out in Boucherville where Jean-Guy Laquerre a 74 year old native Quebecour lives with his collection of 25,189 pieces of Santa memorabilia. With that many Santa’s around I don’t think getting cold or lonely will be an issue!

    The collection is thought to be the world’s biggest and for that reason he will be featured in the 2011 edition of the Guinness Book. I doubt anyone will contest this collection for a while.

    Jean-Guy has always been a collector starting with stamps as a kid and onto wine labels in the 60′s but when his aunt gave him a papier mache Santa dated back to 1910 in 1988 Jean-Guy started his monstrous collection.

    The collection is on display in his basement for members of his collector’s club and friends and relatives. Maybe if you are nearby and you contact him he may make an exception!

    I just thought this story was a bit crazy and hilarious! He really can’t be called a Scrooge for not being in the Christmas spirit!

    Could you ever see yourself collecting anything remotely as large as this collection? I think that many Santa’s in my basement would test my sanity!

    More details can be found in the original story form MSNBC

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