Wild ARMS 5 Review

  1. gintoki989 profile image60
    gintoki989posted 7 years ago

    Was released in Japan as Wild ARMS: The Vth Vanguard; Wild ARMS 5 is the fifth installment of the Wild ARMS series. This is a fantasy RPG (role-playing game) mixed with a Western-style atmosphere and this game celebrates it�s 10th anniversary by featuring cameo appearances of all the characters in the previous Wild ARMS series.

    The combat system of WA5 is split into 7 hexagonal sections where 3 of those sections have special properties such elements (fire, water or the like). The player can move once to any section and the number of characters in combat are 3. You can change characters during battle by placing a character at the edge and on the next turn moving the cursor to a new section and there you can swap characters. The Force meter from WA4 makes a comeback here and every time the character attacks or gets attacked, the meter increased. Original attacks (skills), Team Combos or summoning Beast mediums can be used with the Force meter and the more powerful the attack is the more required force is needed to execute it. Doing a normal costs 1 bullet and bullet can be charge by defending your character for 1 turn. A new feature in this game is the ability to link attacks or chain attacks. Characters can attack 2 to 5 times provided they have enough bullets to do the attack and equipped with a Violator Badge.

    The plot of the game takes place in the world of Filgaia (like all other WA series). The humans are currently being ruled by an alien race known as Veruni which landed on the planet 100 years ago. The protagonist of the game is Dean Stark, a boy who lived in a secluded village and dreams to become a Golem Hunter once he leaves the village. A Golem Hunter is a person who excavates for ancient robots. Dean�s Arm is a dual weapon known as Twin Fenrir. The other characters in the game are as follows:

    Rebecca Streisand � a smart girl and Dean�s childhood friend who also has feelings for him but rather keeps it to herself. Her ARM is revolver.

    Avril Vent Fleur � a mysterious girl who had amnesia. She was found by Dean and Rebecca in a cave where the huge Golem Arm fell. Her ARM is a sword that changes to a whip.

    Greg Russellberg � a man known as a �Golem Crusher�, someone who destroys golems and he is after the man who killed his family. His ARM is a sword/shotgun combination.

    Chuck Preston � a guy who has self-confidence issues and also a Golem Hunter. His ARM is a piledriver.

    Carol Anderson - a young girl and an assistant to a mysterious professor. She�s very shy and clumsy but extremely intelligent. Her ARM is a missile launcher mounted on her backpack.


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