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Passions Unleashed Video Game: looking for a partner for my game

  1. jfay2011 profile image61
    jfay2011posted 6 years ago

    Passions Unleashed Video Game;  ps3
    possibly a board game too
    or merchandise to go with it.

    I have recently copyrighted my idea for my game I have created.  Passions Unleashed will be a video game for adults.  The object of the game will be to figure out which two characters are having sex, with what object and in what room?  The player will get to choose between roughly 25-30 characters that I have created and walk around as that character.  Everytime the character finds another character in a room, that eliminates that character and the room.  And each person gives them an object that also gets eliminated.  The player gets to have
    envolved conversations with each character as they're trying to figure out which two players having sex.  one of the characters wants to find out who it is, because he wants to video tape them and put them on the internet.  There are also murder scenarios.  I'm thinking anime would be really neat for the videos etc...
    I don't want any porno and graphic stuff in the game, even though it is sex oriented.
    I've written three 14-17 page scenarios so far and will be writing about 40 to 50  scenarios.  I want the players to be able to keep playing the game and get different results each time.  I've created a page of props which include sex props and murder weapons.  I've also started drawing out all the rooms.  I've got the kitchen pretty much done, and have started on the cemetary pictures, and the living room and the parlor.  I work in pen and ink and then go back in with colored pencils.
    Who ever would like to partner with me on this awesome game of sex and murder, would probably need to wait for me to write up all the scenarios and draw out all the rooms.  Then I am hoping to find someone who would be able to turn my drawings into 3-D, have things move and get picked up, etc.. voices etc.. all the technical video game stuff that I don't know how to do. 
    I've been told that video games take one or two years to create.  So right now, I'm just working on my game for no money at this point.  The money would come to us, once we get it out there for people to buy.  i'm thinking to be fair, we would get 50/50 and same with any merchandise we come up with.  I've seen that stuff for the Alice magee, madness returns.  They've got prints, tee shirts etc...
    My artwork is very detailed.

    I also have an idea for another video game, that I have come up with the basic foundation for.  It's a game based on Rapunzel.  I have called it Mother Gothel's Tower.  I have copyrighted that one too.  Lucy Lovely Locks will have to find a way out of the tower.  She can't just get out with her long hair as there is a magnetic field.  She will have to go underground in the tower and battle skeletons, creepy dolls, etc... and kill Mother Gothel's one eyed son.  She will need to find a key to unlock the force shield.  Lucy Lovely Locks will have a kitten that will turn into a tiger, lion or panther and fight for her.  I haven't written as much for this one yet, but I have started drawing my Lucy character and the creepy dolls that she will fight.  There will be dragons in this one, hiding out in the garden where lucy needs to meet her lover.

    Both games are copyrighted.

  2. Abzolution profile image60
    Abzolutionposted 6 years ago

    Hey jfay2011 !  I love this post and applaude your enthusiam. I am a games designer myself, I studied at college and university. Your game ideas sound great, but your correct with your assumptions about the time to create them.

      I have worked on several freelance projects like these. Because people are working from home, the work input can be sporadic. So deadlines or milestones can be few and far between. But if you are really committed I suggest you join some gaming forums ( rpg.net, GameDev.net ) and inquire there about assembling a team.

      I wouldn't give them as much detail about the game as you have here, they could steal the idea and develop it themselves. Try to attract at least two people specialising in these fields; 3D modeller, graphics designer, programmer, project managers.

       I hope this helps and points you in the right direction. I am sorry that I am unable to help you myself but I am in the middle of a project. Please contact me if you would like more info smile


    1. gamesinlove profile image56
      gamesinloveposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed! You should remove the specific info so no one steals and only share with people who contact you! People are so sneaky sometimes.

      I wish I could be your partner though... Unfortunately my skills are limited to 2D art and writing.

      1. BABYCHICOSREVEIWS profile image36
        BABYCHICOSREVEIWSposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I like what you wrote. But my skills are very bad. But i loved your write up.