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Fun Board Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy!

Updated on October 22, 2012

It’s a Saturday night and your strapped for cash and your family is bored so what do you do? An old fashioned board game can beat away your bordness and blues. Here is a list of my top five favorite board games that will give your family a night of fun, laughter and memories to last a life time.

1. Cranium

Cranium requires at least four players because you work as team to make your way around the board to arrive at Cranium Central. Around the way you need to perform certain activities. There are four decks classified into different activities to choose from. There’s the Creative Cat card good for the artistic type, Word Worm for those who are great with spelling, Data Head for the smarty pants and Star Performer for the next King of Pop. Cranium is filled with laughter and fun so much that you'll go into Cranium withdrawals.

2. Monopoly

In Monopoly you buy and own property and try your best to put the other players in bankruptcy. A fair warning though, this game can go into the wee hours of the morning. Start play early or play with a Monopoly game that has a speed dice. Monopoly is a great game to introduce younger kids into learning how to count money.

3. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a dice rolling game that comes with a score card for each player. Each roll is worth a certain amount of points. If you roll all the same number you score a Yahtzee! The more Yahtzees the better chances of a win. Full houses, straights, and other types of roll are also worth certain amount of points. The Yahtzee card is broken up into five different games but play a whole card at once for even more lasting fun.

4. Scrabble and Upwords

Scrabble and Upwords have been around a for awhile and why not share a game to your kids that you grew up loving as well. Both Scrabble and Upwords involve a lot of thinking but a great game to also enjoy. Get points by using the dictionary in your head to create words. The longer and more uncommon letters used create more points . Upwords is different because you can build onto the words. Both Upwords and Scrabble are equally fun and challenging. Your brain gets a good work out as well.

5. Sorry and Sorry Sliders

In Sorry you slide your way to a win and find yourself literally saying Sorry. A deck of cards decides your fate. If you land on an opponent you need to bump them back to start. Hurry and get your pawn to the safe zone before your opponent bumps you out of place. Sorry Sliders is another version of the game that recently came out. Sorry Sliders has pawns that have rollers on the bottom. The board is set up differently. Sorry Sliders comes with a few different boards and different ways to play. It's a bit more action friendly compared to old fashioned Sorry but just as much fun!

These are just a handful of the top family board games out there. Many more are introduced every year so see which one tickle’s your family’s fancy and strive to make every Saturday night a family night of fun!

What is Your Favorite Board Game?

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