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Car Trip Games

Updated on November 30, 2014
This Station Wagon is what our Family Car looked like growing up.
This Station Wagon is what our Family Car looked like growing up.

The License Plate Game and Other Games for Road Trip

When I was a little girl my Mom and Dad would pack all 5 of us kids in their wood paneled station wagon for our summer road trip. We would put all of the seats down and line it up with sleeping bags and pillows. In those days we didn't wear seat belts.

Sometimes our road trips were to visit our grandparents which was a 4 hour trip from Baltimore, Maryland to Sayreville, NJ. Or we would take a road trip go camping. Regardless of where we went, we always played the License Plate Game or other car trip games to keep us entertained.

Scavenger Hunt

We would also have a scavenger hunt. We would make a list of items of all the things we would look for and then see how many we would find. And we would find them too. We would play for hours. Family road trip games are fun but more importantly help you to create fond memories.

Rubberneckers Family Road Trip Game

This Rubberneckers games is perfect for keeping family entertained while traveling a long distance. It is a sort of "I see" game. The game comes with a bunch of cards and players need to find the items listed on the card.

Some of the cards are interactive, meaning you need to get people in other cars to do certain things.

It is lots of fun and perfect for vacation travel.

Rubberneckers: Everyone's Favorite Travel Game

Create Your Own Games for Roadtrip

Roadtrip Fun! No Mess Scrapbook, Road Trip Organizing, Road Trip Games

Loaded Questions Travel

If you love the loaded questions game then you will also enjoy this "on the go" version of the popular board game.

It included 200 totally new questions. It is a bit more simplified than the original and it is a fster version which makes it perfect for the car. This game is sure to please

Loaded Questions on the Go Travel Game

What are your favorite road trip games?

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