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Guild Wars 2 the Heart of Nightmare Quest

Updated on September 8, 2012

Guild Wars 2 the Heart of Nightmare Quest

Guild Wars 2 the Heart of Nightmare Quest - defeating Ysvelta is easier with Tiachren and the meteor shower spell
Guild Wars 2 the Heart of Nightmare Quest - defeating Ysvelta is easier with Tiachren and the meteor shower spell

Guild Wars 2 the Heart of Nightmare Quest

In Guild Wars 2, starting as a sylvari (one of the five classes in the gw2 game) means that the hero must embark on a series of quest of leading the sylvari against the renegades. The sylvari follow the truth of the Tablet and must counter the nightmarish corruption of the Nightmare Court. Those who succumb to the Nightmare become corrupted and turned forever, and there is no return. Such is the case for Ysvelta, Tiachren's love. Ysvelta has turned to the Nightmare Court, and there is hope initially that she could be convinced to return to the righteous path by Tiachren. However, hope perishes when Ysvelta starts attacking Tiachren. This is the Heart of Nightmare Quest. This will guide the hero on how to use elementalist weapon and slot skills to defeat Ysvelta and complete the heart of nightmare quest.

Guild Wars 2 Meet with Ysvelta

Ysvelta awaits her love Tiachren in the place where their romance was first forged. Go to the Caledon Forest map and look for the green wispy asterisk sign. Head there and enter the instance.

Ysvelta will wait atop a hill for Tiachren. However, Tiachren refuses to yield to the nightmare, and Ysvelta is too deep into the nightmare to return. A titanic battle between the hero, Tiachren, Ysvelta and her minions is inevitable. The hero does not need to worry about Ysvelta initially because she is encased in an invulnerability shield. The hero and Tiachren will have to defeat Ysvelta's nightmare court minions first.

Defeat Ysvelta's Nightmare Court Minions

The hero should be at the level recommended in the quest to enter each solo quest. Otherwise, the end result will be futile.

Here the key to defeating Ysvelta's nightmare court minions is to complement Tiachren and try to attack the same minions. Do not engage too many minions at once. Just take on one or two minions at a time. If the hero is a staff-wielding elementalist, then switch to fire attunement mode, and launch meteor shower onto the ground. Back this up with the Glyph of Element Firestorm spell. As long as the hero does not take on too many minions at once, these enemies will be defeated and Ysvelta will come out of her invulnerablity shield.

Guild Wars 2 Defeat Ysvelta - the Heart of Tiachren's Nightmare

The fight against Ysvelta takes place in about three stages. Throw everything at Ysvelta when she comes out of her invulnerablity shield. One important tactic for the elementalist is to get the slot skill Mist Form. Throw two powerful area offensive spells at Ysvelta and then go into Mist Form and wait whilst Ysvelta is damaged continously. The hero cannot be damaged whilst in vapour form. When Ysvelta's health is down to a certain portion, she will throw up her shield again and summon more minions to attack the hero.

Repeat the process above. It is vital that the hero keeps Tiachren alive for these series of fights. If the hero has maxed out on the water elemental path of the staff weapon skills, then use healing rain to heal Tiachren throughout this fight. With some perseverance and skills, Ysvelta will be defeated. The heart of nightmare will be vanquished and the quest will be completed.


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