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Guild Wars 2 Kessex Hills

Updated on September 23, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Kessex Hills

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Fort Salma
Guild Wars 2 Battle for Fort Salma

Guild Wars 2 Kessex Hills

In Guild Wars 2, the low to mid-moderate level hero wants a place where there is danger, excitement and plenty of opportunities to pick up experience points and increase their prowess and fighting skills. The Kessex Hills area caters for the level 15 to 25 characters and is the ideal place for such adventures and opportunities. The Kesex Hills area is good for level up of the hero because there are massive titanic battles and world events which attract a lot of heroes. The sheer number of heroes means massive firepower from all and the enemies are easily defeated, and the hero can achieve the gold standard in defeating the enemies and picking up easy experience points. This will guide the hero on where to go in Kessex Hills and which battles to join to maximize the experience points and increase in level very quickly

Guild Wars 2 Battle of Salma Fort

Salma Fort within Kessex Hills and the surrounding areas around the fort are the chief sites for the battles above. The seraph warriors are the main NPC warriors in Kessex Hills, and they are stationed in Salma Fort and in nearby areas. The chief protagonists in Kessex Hills are the centaurs. Fighting and defeating centaurs is always satisfying.

The Battle of Salma Fort starts with the centaurs attempting to repair the bridge that links the centaurs' camp (Great Overlord Camp) to the plains of Greyhoof Manors and Salma Fort. Climb over the river and get to the centaur side of the bridge. And then wait for the centaurs to arrive. The keys for this battle are to decimate any centaurs reaching the bridge and reducing their combined morale to zero, whilst preventing the reconstruction of the bridge. Station the elementalist hero just outside the bridge area, and wait for the centaurs to get there. When they are within the bridge area, pelt them with meteor shower and glyph of storm spells. The heroes number will gradually increase to the point where the hero may find it hard to get a fireball to hit the centaurs before they perish.

With the worker centaurs out of the picture, the battle of salma fort shifts to the overlord camp. Here the hero will join other heroes in taking down the centaurs lieutenants. There are three of them, and there is a time limit on this battle.

With the centaur lieutenants out fo the picture, the battle of salma fort shifts to the defeat of the centaur overlord. This is a difficult fight, and even with the help of other heroes, at times, it would feel like the centaur overlord is not taking any damage at all. However, with peservance and repeated attacks, the centuar overlord will be defeated.

Kessex Hills Skill Challenge

As the hero becomes more powerful, he will need to unlock skill slots. Some of the later slot skills need 6 points to unlock. Hence it is a good idea to take on some of the skill challenges in Kessex Hills.

One of the more interesting skill challenges in Kessex Hills is to inflitrate a centaur sage's mediation area and commune with the source of power there. The hero is most likely to succeed after defeating the centaur overlord. Lots of heroes will continue on in this area to get this skill point, and will converge on the centaur sage. This makes the fight much easier and more exciting as the centaur sage does have a lot of centaur bodyguards. However, against an overwhelming number of heroes, the centaur sage succumbs to the combined firepower.

Kessex Hills is indeed a great place for multiplayer battles, events and level up!


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