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Halo 4 Get to Pylon on Requiem

Updated on November 7, 2012

Halo 4 Get to Pylons on Requiem

In Halo 4, the Master Chief must get to the pylons on Requiem. Requiem is the planet that the hero has crashed landed on after being sucked into the vortex. The pylons are needed to deactivate the beam thought to be involved in the gravitational effects responsible for the plight of the Master Chief and Cortana in the first place. Except this time, the Chief must get to the pylons to stop the gravity and prevent Infinity from being pulled in. This will guide the Chief in getting to the pylons and then deactivating the beams. It will describe some of the new monsters encountered in the early part of the game.

Halo 4 Get to the Pylons

Halo 4 Get to the Pylons to contact Infinity........ no, the ancient enemy is released instead
Halo 4 Get to the Pylons to contact Infinity........ no, the ancient enemy is released instead

Halo 4 First Pylon

After getting through the Covenant enemies to reach the cartographer, the Master Chief's next goal is to reach the first pylon. As the Master Chief runs away from the cartographer, he is aware of new monsters that will fight him. Sure enough, as he is running towards the first pylon, he encounters what looks like dogs streaming down the walls of cliffs. The dogs are able to fire off plasma shots at the Chief. Defeat them and get some new weapons to replenish the ones that have run out of ammunition.

As the Chief heads forwards, he encounters the real first real tough Promethean - the Promethean Knight. Unlike the cannon fodder the dogs, the Promethean Knight has some abilities, including the ability to phase out and disappear. The Promethean Knight has some tough armor and health and wields a variety of weapons which can down the Master Chief if he is not careful. In addition, the Promethean Knight has a shield which can be dropped once the Knight is defeated, allowing the Chief to pick it up and use it for this own. If the Chief runs out of ammunition, use the Shield to defect enemy firepower, advance and then place elbow punches at the Promethean Knights or enemies to defeat them and salvage more weapons and ammunition.

Hovering behind and above the Promethean Knights will be the sentinels. These are the most annoying of the enemies, as they require a continuous semi-automatic weapon to take down, or a long range weapon.

Anyhow, move through the battlegrounds and defeat the new enemies. When the Chief is close to the first pylon, he must first destroy the three power cores that power the beam. Then find the stairs and head up the stairs all the way up and deactivate the beam.

Halo 4 Second Pylon and the Core

The Chief must then repeat the procedure for the second pylon - reach the second pylon, destroy the power cores and then deactivate the second beam. The difference between the first and second pylons is that the Covenant join the party, attacking both the Prometheans and the Master Chief.

Once the second beam is deactivated, head to the core and activate it. The Chief and Cortana think that this is the communications point where Infinity can be contacted. However, they are wrong, as they have been tricked to release the ancient enemy.


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