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Harvest Moon: Sunshine Island Relationship Guide

Updated on July 26, 2013

Making New Friends in a New Home

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands takes you to a string of islands that faced a disaster in the past. Many islands are now hidden under the waves, waiting to be restored. You move to the island as a farmer who is starting a new ranch, but find a much bigger task awaits. Explore the islands and collect Sun Stones to help restore the land.

Building relationships with other characters is especially important in HMSI. There are 100 sun stones to find and almost half of them are earned by giving gifts to other characters or building up their heart levels. In this lens, you will find information on the relationship system, as well as gift ideas for every character in the game.

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Relationship Basics

As with other Harvest Moon games, the relationship system in HMSI is based on a points system. This can lead to additional rewards, such as Sun Stones, or even marriage and a family. There are several ways to improve your relationships:

Talk to the character every day.

Win festivals where the character is present.

Give gifts that they like or love.

Heart events, which occur with single people of the opposite gender.

Benefits of Improving Relationships

There are a number of important reasons to build your relationships with the characters in this game.

  • Raising every member of a household to two hearts will earn you a sun stone.

  • Give a character five gifts that they love to earn a sun stone.

  • Improve your relationship with a bachelor or bachelorette to get married and start a family.

One simple item that will help raise your affection level with MANY islanders is gelatin. Gelatin can be found in the mine on volcano island. All you need is a hoe and a full watering can. Enter the mine and descend one level. You will see a number of orange lava bubbles on the floor. Water them several times with your watering can and the bubble will disappear. This may net you one or two pieces of gelatin.

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Easy Gift Ideas for HMSI Bachelors

Unlike many earlier versions of Harvest Moon, Sunshine Islands allows you to play as a girl. There are seven bachelors available to marry. This list includes the easiest gift ideas for raising their heart levels. All the suggestions also count towards the five liked gifts needed to earn a sun stone from each boy.

Denny is a laid-back fisherman who lives in the house by the pier. As you can imagine, his loved gifts include any size fish or fish recipes. He even likes fish bones!

Elliot is Taro’s other grandchild and Natalie’s sister. His favorite veggies are corn, onion, and potatoes. He likes bamboo shoots and chestnuts, which can be foraged around the island for a simple gift. Gelatin is also a liked item.

Mark is a farmer who comes to live in the Inn. He is one of the last characters to unlock, because he will not move in until you have raised 15 islands and unlocked all the main characters. Also, you need to build the bridge to Link Island for him to arrive. Every game item is a liked item for him (including weeds and rocks).

Pierre is a gourmet who is available from the beginning of the game. You can often find him in his kitchen. While many of his loved items are more expensive products (such as buckwheat and superb yogurt), he likes most common food items. This includes gelatin, fish, vegetables, blueberries, and bamboo shoots. If you would want to eat it, you can probably safely gift it to Pierre.

Shea is unlocked when you raise Mushroom Island. He is always hungry and appreciates food gifts. Fish are his favorite and mushroom clusters are also loved. However, any crop or foraged food item will do the trick to raising his friendship and heart levels.

Vaughn is an animal trader who does not live on the island. He only visits two days a week, so it is important to make his visits count if you want to befriend or marry him. He loves milk and mushroom clusters. Liked items include pet and wild animal foods, chocolate, wool, and eggs.

Will is a wealthy gentleman who arrives on his yacht once Volcano Island is raised. He is Regis’ nephew and loves beautiful items. Flowers are his favorite gift. However, he also likes most food items, including crops, fish, and foraged foods.

Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands Screen Shot
Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands Screen Shot

Easy Gift Ideas for HMSI Bachelorettes

If you choose to play as a boy, there are eight bachelorettes available to marry. However, a number of these girls are only available once you raise the islands! This list includes the easiest gift ideas for raising their heart levels. All the suggestions also count towards the five liked gifts needed to earn a sun stone from the girl.

Alisa becomes available when you raise Mystic Island. She is devoted to the Harvest Goddess and can be found in the church during the day. Her most loved gift is the cooked recipe ice cream. A number of her liked gifts can be found around the island, including blueberries, chestnuts, gelatin, grapes, and oranges.

Chelsea moves to the island once you have unlocked all the other main characters in the game. She is a farmer who resides in Sprout Inn. Chelsea is different from the other characters in the game in that she doesn't love or hate any item. You can give her anything and she will like it, even weeds and rocks!

Julia is Mirabelle's daughter and helps at her shop each day. She loves all animals except for fish, so animal products are the perfect gift. While superb yogurt is her favorite, an easy alternative is to give her pet food or wild animal food. These can be purchased from Mirabelle for just 10 gold each.

Lanna is a pop star who loves to fish. Her favorite gift is yam pudding, but she also loves chocolate, gelatin, and any size fish.

Lilly is a treasure hunter who will come to live at the Inn when you raise Volcano Island. She is one of the more difficult characters to raise affection with, because her liked and loved gifts are all rare items. Many of them are rare gems and ores from the mines. She loves 1 Million G Ticket, alexandrite, mythic stones, pink diamonds, and truffles. Liked items include diamonds, gold, Suffolk wool and superb cheese.

Natalie is the bossy, red-headed granddaughter of Taro. She loves fruits, and her favorite gifts include blueberries, apples, bananas, oranges, and strawberries. Like many of the other characters in HMSI, she likes gelatin.

Sabrina is the granddaughter of Regis, who owns the mansion next to Sprout Inn. She is quiet and nervous, but will quickly come around. She loves many of the gemstones from the mine, as well as yarn. Gelatin and wool are two easier gifts you can use to boost her affection and earn her Sun Stone.

Witch Princess lives in the pink mansion on Mystic Island. A day or two after you raise the island, Kirk will tell you that someone has moved to the island and you can go introduce yourself. The easiest gifts to give the Witch Princess are herbs. She likes every color and loves the red ones! Gemstones from the mine are also a liked gift.

Gifts for the Other Villiagers

As with the bachelors and bachelorettes, giving gifts to the remaining villagers will raise their heart levels and earn you Sun Stones. Unlike the singles, you do not have available heart events with villagers so gifts are that much more important in your quest to get them each to two hearts.

Charlie is the son of Chen, who owns the general store. He is best friends with Eliza and can often be found playing with her on the beach. His loved gifts are all cooked items, which can be difficult to come by early in the game. However, he does like gelatin, gems from the mine, blueberries and all other fruits.

Chen is almost always inside his shop, since they have long hours. Like his son, most of his favorite recipes are cooked items. He does like gelatin and buckwheat.

Eliza is Gannon’s blonde-haired daughter who loves to explore the islands. She likes to talk about how beautiful she is, and appreciates pretty gifts. Flowers and chocolate are loved gifts for Eliza.

Felicia is Taro’s daughter and can either be found near her home or with her friend Mirabelle. She loves buckwheat, mushroom clusters, and wool. Her liked gifts include crops, gems from the mine, chestnuts, and eggs.

Gannon runs one of the most useful shops on the island. There, you can purchase upgrades for your home or buy tools with more available slots for wonderful stones. He loves lumber and material stone. If you are too exhausted to gather more, he will even accept (and like) branches and stones.

Mirabelle runs the animal shop. As you can imagine, this makes animal products a popular gift for her. You can also try pet food, lumber, flowers, or gems. His liked and loved gifts are all expensive items from the mine. Gelatin is the easiest gift to give him to raise his friendship level.

Nathan is the local priest. He is unlocked when you raise Mystic Islands and his church, dedicated to the Harvest Goddess, moves in. He loves all manners of breads and toast. Most of his gifts require cooking, but he does like fish of any size.

Regis is the wealthiest man on the island, as he runs a mining company. Once you raise Volcano Island, you can often find him there. His favorite gifts are all expensive gems from the mine. The only simple gift that he appreciates is gelatin.

Taro is a farmer who helps guide you when you arrive on the island. He has a wide range of loved items, making him easy to gift daily. Pet and wild animal food, bamboo shoots, blueberries, crops and animal products are all loved gifts. He likes fish, herbs, and gems from the mine. As long as you don’t try to gift weeds (which are a horror gift and will reduce his friendship dramatically), you will be fine with Taro.

Wada is Shea’s adoptive father and he does not speak very much. He can be unlocked by raising your friendship level with Shea and then entering Shea’s tent. Like his son, Wada loves fish. Any other crop or foraged food item is also a good gift choice.

Witchkins lives with the Witch Princess on Mystic Island, although they don’t seem to like each other very much. She loves animals, and would love a gift of pet or wild animal food. She also loves poisonous mushrooms, which is a unique gift to this character.

Have a question or comment about improving your relationships with the other villagers in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Island? Leave your message here!

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    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 

      6 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Sounds like a fun game :)

    • lunagaze profile image


      6 years ago

      Neat guide I am still waiting on getting this game maybe in a few days esspeclay with the amazon price as low as it is. Bookmarked

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting ... I think I get the points system and how it works.

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      6 years ago

      Very helpful guide for an awesome game! Squid Angel blessed. :)


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