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Hot Toys DX Joker

Updated on August 30, 2017

Why So Looking For Hot Toys DX Joker?

Wondering where to buy Hot Toys DX Joker? You might seriously want to read this review first before buying.

In a hurry? Read reviews of Hot Toys DX Joker here.

It's no surprise that people try to find out where to buy Hot Toys figures. Hot Toys is a company that prides itself with creating very realistic looking movie action figures. And with the Hot Toys DX Joker, they have outdone themselves.

This Joker toy looks like Heath Ledger in the movie with the clothes and accessories accurately copying the original.

Let's look at this toy figure some more...

Hot Toys Joker DX 2.0 Review - Watch This Personal Video Review of Hot Toys Joker DX 2.0

Look at the Hot Toys Dark Knight Joker 2.0 in detail with the clothes, 2 head sculpts, hands, weapons and accessories. It includes the table used in the interrogation scene and even the pencil that fits nicely into the hole on the table. "How about a magic trick?"

Other Hot Toys and Batman Related Figures

Want to check out Hot Toys figures other than this Dark Knight Joker? Check out Hot Toys' The Dark Knight: 1:6 Scale Bank Robber The Joker, Movie Masterpiece as well as other Batman related toys.

Q: What Do You Get When You Buy Hot Toys The Dark Knight Joker?

A: A Smile On That Face!

Hot Toys' The Dark Knight: 1:6 Scale The Joker (Gotham City Police) Movie Masterpiece Series Deluxe Figure contains a 1:6 scale figure of The Dark Knight Movie's Heath Ledger Joker and accessories including the weapons the Joker used in the movie.

This also includes interchangeable hands and feet, a movie-accurate Gotham Department Police costume and an additional Joker head without makeup.

The heads have the authentic likeness of Heath Ledger and have the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System which allow you to move the eyes in any direction.

Also included is a figure stand with LED lights.

Q: What's Better Than One Joker Hot Toys Figure?

A: Two Joker Hot Toys Figures!

Buying this Joker figure feels like buying two figures for the price of one. It's as if you have both the Joker with the costume and the Joker with police uniform at the same time.

The Hot Toys DX Joker is about 12 inches tall and is highly poseable. The figure has 35 points of articulation.

The heads have the likeness of Heath Ledger. You'll notice the details like the scars, wrinkles, the make-up and the hair. They look so much like Heath Ledger, it's creepy!

The heads also have the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) that have realistic looking eyes and allow you to adjust the eyes to look in any direction. There's a part of the head that you remove that reveals a lever inside that allows you to rotate the eyes.

Hot Toys' The Joker Is A Doll ("FIGURATIVELY" Speaking!) - Watch This Video!

This version of the Joker Hot Toy is better than the first version because it's more like the Joker in the movie. Some people think it's superior to other Hot Toys figures.

Check this great video review showing the features of Hot Toys' The Dark Knight The Joker up close and check how it eerily resembles the real thing!

Hot Toys DX Joker Costume and Accessories

This Toy Has Toys!

The clothes and shoes that come with this Hot Toys Joker are so much like the ones in Heath Ledger wore in the movie down to the feel of the clothe and buttons. The Joker figure's coat, jacket, shirt, pants, socks and shoes are from the scene where he spoke with gangs for the first time and are so movie-accurate.

It also has five grenades that have strings attached to them and one end can be attached to the Joker figure's hand. The grenades, in turn, can be attached to the inside of the figure's jacket just like it looked like in the movie when he threatened the gangs in the meeting.

The figure also comes with a hand gun and a rifle that are nicely painted and realistic looking.You can cock both and both have removable clips. It also comes with a miniature retractable knife like the one the Joker used in the movie.

Joker Hot Toy PERS Issue

Very "PERS" Choice Of Words (Get It?)

The Parallel Eyeball Rolling System in this Joker figure may be a bit on the sensitive side.

Some people have complained of the PERS getting easily broken.

There's an easy and obvious solution to this.

Be gentle in handling the lever at the back of the head so you don't break it.

Problem solved!

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Hot Toys Joker Debate

Q: Who's The Most Awesome Hot Toys Joker?


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