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Canon CLI-221 4-Color Value Pack

Updated on June 22, 2016

Canon CLI 221 Ink Pack

If you're wondering what printer ink cartridge pack goes best with your Canon printer, you may want to seriously consider the Canon CLI-221 Ink Pack.

People who use it rave about it's quality.

The prints and pictures you get from it are crisp, beautiful and last very long. Using this printer cartridge pack also saves you money.

Let's take a look at this a bit more...

CLI-221 4 Color Pack - A Great Quality Printer Ink Pack

Canon CLI-221 Ink Cartridges

Canon Printer Cartridges Are the Best for Canon Printers

When using Canon printers, using Canon ink cartridges would be your best bet. Using the Canon CLI-221 on a compatible Canon printer will ensure that your printer will print properly.

The quality of the prints when using Canon inks are always superior to the quality of prints from non Canon inks. When using Canon inks, there are no bleed overs, smearing, running or separation of the lines.

Canon 221 Ink Cartridges

Makes Great Quality Prints Each Time

The Canon CLI 221 Ink Cartridges pack provides you with Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow inks. The printer ink package produces high quality print outs, works great with canon printers and saves you money and ink.

Check the photo printed with the Canon CLI-221 on the right.

Photos that are printed using this ink package are beautiful with just the right color and tone. They also last a very long time.

You'll also end up with amazing quality pictures even on regular paper, although the pictures will look best on special Canon papers.

The ink cartridges are also easy to install and replace. You can only install and replace one cartridge at a time if you want.

CLI-221 Print Out Sample - Get The Big Picture and See The Details

Watch this video of a Canon printer printing a picture using Canon CLI-221 inks. It'll show you the picture as well.

See how clear the picture is and how the colors are just right?

Do CLI221 Cartridges Run Out Fast?

Did You Read The Printer's Manual?

Some people complain about CLI-221 cartridges running out fast.

They get a message on their computer saying that the cartridge is about to run out of ink after using the cartridges for only a small amount of time.

The solution to this is merely reading the manual that will come with your printer. Just follow the instructions and you'll notice that you still have a lot of ink left in your cartridges.

Are Canon CLI-221 Cartridges Too Expensive?

Or Do You Save You Money In The Long Run?

Some people say that Canon inks are expensive but that it's worth the money so some use non Canon cartridges on their printers.

Generally when you use inks that are not made by the printer's manufacturer, problems arise.

Examples of these problems would be messy installations, bad printouts and incompatibility. Sometimes, using non Canon cartridges on Canon printers damage the printers and we all know that printers are expensive to replace.

Canon inks also have no expiration date so it will take a long time before you buy a replacement cartridge.

You'll definitely save more in the long run when you use Canon cartridges on Canon printers.

Canon 221 and Other Canon Products

Want to check out other Canon cartridges and products? With the Canon 2945B011 PGI-220 and CLI-221 CMY Ink with PP-201 (50 Sheets) Combo Pack, you get the Canon inks and the Canon Photo Paper as well.

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What's Your Take On Canon Ink Debate?

Which Is Better, Canon Inks or Non-Canon Inks?


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