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How nintendo can fix the wii u

Updated on March 7, 2014
The Wii U game pad
The Wii U game pad

Complete backwards compatibility with the Wii

Yeah it’s a small thing but you can’t say that about the Xbox one and PS4 which can’t play there old game discs. Nintendo is fully backwards compatible all you need is a Wii remote and your good to go on the Wii games. Has an added bonus the touch screen game pad can be used has a mini TV (all though that’s usually pointless) and the Wii U does automatically adjust the ratio of virtual console game too there native ratio which means no more stretched screens, it’s something I have been wanting them to do on the actual Wii for years. And you can transfer all your old virtual console games to the Wii U and still play them.

Mii Verse

Even a small step forward is a victory in my eyes for Nintendo. The Mii verse are little message boards set up for each game that you can talk to or solicit help from other Nintendo fans. You can even share pictures and screen grab from your games on the board. Sure the competition allows you to record whole videos of your gameplay and post it on the internet but for Nintendo it’s a step in the right direction. I should also mention there is some cool artwork that is displayed there by Nintendo fans so it is fun to go and check this out every once in a while.

NES Remix made by Nintendo

Games like NES Remix does show that nintendo still has some creative ideas under there belt.
Games like NES Remix does show that nintendo still has some creative ideas under there belt.

There are some pretty cool games on it

Nintendo has released a few cool games like NES Remix which is a really cheap and cool party game. And there is some good content coming later in the year I am interested in. There is also Super Mario 3d World which this commentator hasn’t played yet but is on his list.

So now we know the strength what should Nintendo do to sell it better let’s see.

A Connected Virtual Console games, including games on mobile devices

Yeah you heard me I want connected accounts not only on my Wii U and 3ds but on a mobile device. Now a lot of fan boys are going to go NO to this. However I should tell them I know plenty of people with emulation devices already on their phones so they can play old Nintendo games. What is wrong with Nintendo offering these games legally and making actual money off of these?

And while we’re at it I shouldn't have to pay 5 to 10 dollars per game per console. If I buy Super Mario Bros on the Wii U I should not have to pay 5 dollars for it on the 3ds. Now if you want to charge me a 1 or 2 dollars for the cost to port it I am OK with that, but expecting me to pay full price for the same game just because I am playing it on another console is outdated and it doesn’t help your image Nintendo. Especially since Sony allows me to play there downloaded PS1 games on PSP, PS3, and the Vita without any extra charge.

Super Mario Bros by Nintendo

I shouldn't have to pay full price if I want to play Super Mario Bros both on my Wii U or 3ds
I shouldn't have to pay full price if I want to play Super Mario Bros both on my Wii U or 3ds

Nintendo you need an achievement system

What do Sony and Microsoft have on their games that Nintendon’t, well beside often times anymore online and DLC, Nintendo is missing achievements and or trophies? Now while these don’t make a bad game good they do keep you playing a great game longer. If your enjoying yourself with a game why not go with the impossible challenge of either playing online with it until you pretty much maxed out your level killing people online, or if it’s an offline RPG playing until you collect everything for that ultimate bad ass sword. And if you get a little token with some points to show your friends that you accomplish this in one of your favorite games all the more fun. Nintendo why should I spend 60 dollars on a 3rd party game on your system when I can spend the same amount on my 360 and get that joyous sound of achievements unlocking and the ability to annoy my friends on Facebook with them.

Now Nintendo has done a few novel things first off they do have Mii Verse that does allow screen capture. But they also put stamps in some of their games like NES remix that help you create artwork or mii verse skits. Take these and put points on them and encourage 3rd parties to the same, imagine if I bought the next batman game that came out it came with mii verse stamps has an award and I can do a batman beats the crap out of Mario cartoon using those stamps, just put a point system on there and you pretty much have achievements.

Make some really great games that actually use the 2nd screen.

Yeah I know a novel idea isn't’ it that you actually put out games that use the 2nd screen in any sort of meaningful way beyond a quick party games. A game like Legend of Zelda 4 swords would be perfect for this, add in online and 3ds connectivity support and you could have a fun and a great budget game. Basically if you can’t answer the question how to use that 2nd screen in a way that makes playing games different on the 360 or PS3 then your console is already dead.

Bring some more of your franchises to the table

All right so we do have two Mario games on the console, and I guess a Donkey Kong Country game out now too. But where are the other franchises at. Yes we got an HD port of Zelda Windwaker but Nintendo you charged 50 dollars for it, most HD collections (meaning more than one game) go for 40 dollars. On the PS3 about the same time you released Wind Waker, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remix came out with 2 great RPG’s that last longer than Zelda Wind Waker came out for 40 dollars. Let’s see here 50 dollars for one, or 40 dollars for 2 which is the better choice. We need more original games we need an original Zelda game, and we need Metroid back (hopefully in the hands of Retro and not Team Ninja). Another good idea is to team up with Sega too release a sequel to the awesome F-Zero game you did for the gamecube. An HD super-fast game like F-Zero with online support would just be awesome. Your biggest franchises are your strength. But don’t forget about those 3rd party developers either.

Compare to 50 dollars for an HD Zelda Wind Waker

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remix was only 40 dollars for 2 games when released

Buy some 3rd party support

Do I mean go to rock star and get Grand Theft Auto should exclusively to the Wii U? Hell no it doesn’t fit into Nintendo’s crowd and niche. Rather go 3rd party through the same companies that made the 3ds popular. It’s time to buy some old fashion Japanese game franchises. Get Square Enix to make an honest to goodness Final Fantasy game (just make sure it’s better than the FFXIII) on the Wii U, or a Kingdom Hearts, how about a sequel to their stellar DS game the World Ends With You. The Tales series released quite a few stellar entries this generation how about you get an exclusive game or two on the Wii U. Get Capcom out of the deep trouble they are in with gamers and buy Mega Man Legends 3 and then remake it for the Wii U instead of the 3ds, it might tick off a few gamers, but a lot of Mega Man fans would buy the console just to play a new Mega Man game. You got deep pockets Nintendo use them before you lose them.

finally drop the price...again

Nintendo the Wii U is really last generation hard ware it’s more powerful than the PS3 and 360 but look at the specs of the PS4 and Xbox one and all the stuff they can do that your console can’t. Seeing that you are really catching up with last generation with this current console you might price it at last generation prices which are 200 to 250 dollars for what you’re offering. Especially since you don’t put much internal memory in with your console.

Nintendo needs to hit the sweet spot of around 200 dollars for there console

Well these are my ideas

And yes a lot of people have been suggesting Nintendo should do these things. Because if they don't hey the Wii U going to go in the history of Gamecube the sequel.


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    • tommylop profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Colorado.

      Yeah I am a 4 time platinum club nintendo user and it is a good reward system, but it is not enough to save the wii u. Ms also has its own digital reward system, plus free games if you,subscribe to gold

    • orandze profile image


      7 years ago from Pittsburgh

      You make a good point with having to pay so much to download the older games from the eShop, but I don't think enough people out there know about Club Nintendo. I've gotten quite a few really good games for (basically) free from the coins I've earned there.

      Whatever games you do buy, you can register to your club account and you usually get around 50 points. Then you can get an extra 10 to 20 points for reviewing games that you own. They actually rack up pretty quick.

      Finally you can redeem your points for games for either the Wii U or 3DS. Usually around 200-300 points per game. If you get enough points by a certain time in the year, too, you can reach a status that let's you get a free physical prize like a tote bag.


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