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How to Make Fast Money in Runescape

Updated on June 16, 2011

In a roleplaying game like Runescape, it's hard to have any fun without money. Players need gold pieces to buy weapons, accessories, magic items, and in some cases to complete quests. While in the beginning it's just fine to get money by picking up drops, more experienced players have learned some tricks to rake in the cash in a few simple steps. The armor set method is only one of many, but I've found it to be the easiest and most reliable.

New players will like this method because no high-level monsters are involved. In fact, there aren't any monsters involved what-so-ever, (unless you consider spammers to be monsters- sometimes I do).

But the fact of the matter is this: For whatever reason, sets of armor are more valuable than their constituent parts put together. (insert joke about Aristotle here.) So why not capitalize on that fact by purchasing single pieces of armor and selling complete sets for profit?

Where To Start:

Go to the Grand Exchange in northwest Varrock, approach a clerk and enter the exchange. Beforehand, make sure you have about 20,000 gold pieces in your inventory so you don't have to keep accessing the bank.

Choose the type of armor you want to make sets from. Free players have access to bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, and rune metals. Members have access to a few more. The prices for the parts get more expensive as they go along, so budget accordingly.

Begin purchasing armor pieces in bulk. There are four parts to a set: a full helm, platebody, kiteshield, and platelegs (or plateskirt. I prefer to make plateleg sets because there's more of a demand for them). You should purchase about twenty of each component to start.

Inventory to Bank and Back Again:

Since you're buying in bulk, it's unlikely that you'll get all your components at the same time. To keep my inventory organized, I always deposit purchased components into the bank, and wait until all purchases are complete.

Once you've got the same number of all components, it's time to send them back to the inventory so you can exchange them for sets. Make sure you have an even amount of all pieces in the inventory, that way there are no stragglers when you make sets.

Exchange Components for Sets

Once everything is where it needs to be, right click on the nearest Grand Exchange Clerk. There will be a drop-down box with several options. Choose "sets." It's the fourth option down.

After that, the set exchange window will pop up. Right click the correct set and choose "exchange" in the dropdown box. Do this until you have no more loose components in your inventory.

Time to Cash In

Once you've exchanged all pieces of armor to make sets, your once-cluttered inventory should be stocked with neatly packaged sets of armor. If you still have components in your bank, now is the time to bring those to the newly opened space in your inventory and repeat the exchange process. Do this until you either run out of room in your inventory or run out of components.

Finished with that? Great. Now you can finally sell all those sets on the Grand Exchange, sometimes for almost double what you paid for the components!

And it took you, what...five minutes? Even better.


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