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How to Make Money Fishing in Runescape

Updated on June 16, 2011

There are countless ways to make money in Runescape, and some are faster than others. Players who want to work on skills while also making money will take longer to earn what fast-cashers earn, but skillers have the advantage of multi-tasking, which is useful in roleplaying games like Runescape. The reality is, however, it doesn't matter how you make money, as long as you enjoy doing it. This article is about making money while fishing.

to do this you will need:


Fishing level of 40 or higher

lobster pot, harpoon, or cage

To start, travel to the island of Karamja. It's isolated but offers a wide variety of fish and you can exchange the fish for notes there without much travelling.


To get to Karamja, go to Port Sarim and walk south along the boat dock until you come across three sailors wearing blue. Their names are Seaman Lorris, Seaman Thresnor, and Captian Tobias. Talk to any of them. You will have to pay 30gps to get a ride to Karamja.

When you arrive, you'll need to leave the ship and walk west, past the general store, until you see a gap in the bamboo fence and banana trees on the other side. Walk north through the bananas until you get to the dock, and start fishing. There are many types of fishing in this spot, and normally a lot of other players. So if you brought a harpoon, follow the lead of other players with harpoons. If you have a lobster pot, follow the lead of players using them.

When Your Inventory is Full

Depending on your fishing experience, it might take a while to fill your inventory with fish. When that happens, it's time to take a trip to see Stiles. He's a character who lives on the other side of the island, and he can exchange your fish for notes.

To get to him, leave the dock and exit the banana plantation by walking through another gap in the fence (this one's in the west. You can see it on your mini-map wihile still standing at the dock.)

Follow the dirt path until you come across two small ponds. Walk between them and continue west, following the coastline. If you get lost, just follow the other players who are travelling back and forth.

A word of caution to low-level macro playes: There are level 14 scorpions and other monsters in the jungle on your way to Stiles. If your player can't fight off a level 14 creature with auto-retaliation, you should bot somewhere else. When I first began fishing in Karamja, I came across the grave marker of a bot who'd been attacked by a scorpion. They left behind almost 2000 lobsters, and there was no way for them to get back in time to save their stuff.

Think someone's going to bless your grave? Think again. I bought a Rune Kiteshield with those lobsters.


You can measure when it's time to sell your fish either by experience of by the number of fish you have. If you're measuring by experience, wait until you advance a few levels before selling. You did pay 30gps to get there, and though that isn't a lot, you should still make the most of it.

If you're measuring by the number of fish you have, then fish until you have enough to get whatever amount of money you want.

At the Karamjan fishing spot you can get:

lobsters ( 80gps on the Grand Exchange)

tuna (54gps on the Grand Exchange)

swordfish (150gps on the Grand Exchange)

So it's going to take a lot of fish to make much money.

When you have decided it's time to sell, use the home teleport back to Lumbridge. This way, you don't have to pay another 30gps. If you can teleport straight to Varrock, do so. Go the Grand Exchange and put your fish up for sale.

Important: Most fish actually lose value once you cook them, so avoid doing that.


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