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How to plan a great baby shower

Updated on March 25, 2017

My baby shower


Are you in charge of organizing a baby shower and want it to be a successful and hassle free event? To plan a great baby shower packed with lots of great ideas, follow these steps:

Choose day, time and duration

Weekdays might be a good time if the guests don’t work. However, as this might not be the case, weekend afternoons could be the best idea. A sensible duration is about two hours to avoid exhaustion in the expectant mother.

Guest list

Ask the expectant mother how many guests she would like to invite, their names, emails, telephone and/or address. Put these contact details in a spreadsheet, one column per detail, so when you send an email you can just select the email column and all the emails will be copied directly. You can use this list to add any other information you would like to track, for example, food/drinks contribution.

For decades, baby showers have been a ladies affair. However, you can choose to include males in the event. (Ideally, men should be asked to mind the kids so the ladies spend a well-deserved time off with friends.)


Knowing how many guests are going to be invited, you can decide where to throw the party. You can choose a house, a restaurant, an event venue, a park, a beach, a cabin in the woods, you name it. It just depends on what activities you want to do, for example:

  • If you want to choose a theme for the party: an enclosed place would be ideal easier to decorate.
  • If you have a tight budget: it is better to do it in a place where people bring food and drinks and you can do everything simply and tastefully.
  • If you want to have games: almost any place would be fine, unless you plan to do some physically active games, then a restaurant won’t work.

Baby shower invitations

You can decide to send invitations by post or by email. Either way, send a “save the date” with two or three months in advance, and then, send the proper invitation. You can buy invitations if you do not have much time, but creating your own will add creativity and your personal touch.

Ask the guests to RSVP by a specific date that allows you to plan for favors, food, etc.

Communication etiquette

Once you have confirmation from the guests, do not continue to contact people who cannot make it. (Unless you expect them to send you something like an item for a time capsule or a hand written note, personal anecdote, or advice for the mother to be that you will include in a scrapbook.)

Baby shower gift wish list

Ask the expectant mother to prepare a wish list. Making a list of essential items could help ensure the mother-to-be doesn’t get same or similar gifts. Let the guests know there is a wish list and make sure they tell you what their choice is so you can cross that option off the list. Some people might get together in a group to buy something bigger so include both expensive and inexpensive options in the list.

Baby shower food

Food in my baby shower
Food in my baby shower | Source


It is up to you or the expectant mother to choose whether alcoholic drinks would be served. There are fantastic non-alcoholic drinks that can be served for a toast.

Below you can see examples of food that can be served according to a food theme:

  • English: Afternoon tea party with a variety of tea, scones with clotted cream and jam, finger sandwiches (cucumber, egg mayo with watercress, smoked salmon with cream cheese), cakes and pastries.
  • French: cheese boards with bread and crackers, macaroons.
  • Italian: different varieties of pizza, bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, olives, tiramisu.
  • Kenyan: rice, meat, chapatti, chutney, samosas.
  • Mediterranean: humus, tzatziki, taramasalata, pita bread, falafel, carrots, celery.
  • Spanish: potato omelet, ham and cheese selection, bread, olives, pa amb tomaquet (tomato and olive oil on top of bread).
  • Venezuelan: arepas with fillers, empanadas, tequeños.


Do not forget to have a cake with a baby shower theme topper or cake pops.

Cake with a topper


Baby shower decoration

Here is a checklist for decoration items:

  • Banner
  • Yard sign
  • Door sign
  • Balloons
  • Banner

Diaper cake

I made this Diaper Cake for my sister's baby shower. It looks great as a centerpiece
I made this Diaper Cake for my sister's baby shower. It looks great as a centerpiece | Source


  • Tablecloth
  • Cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses
  • Wine glasses to toast
  • Centerpiece (that can be a diaper cake, flower arrangement, baby themed wreath, balloons centerpiece, fruit centerpiece)
  • Confetti

For the expectant mother:

  • Badge
  • Sash
  • Garland

Baby shower games

Some inexpensive baby shower games for a great baby shower are:

  • Tummy measure game: Whoever is closer to the expectant mother tummy size, wins!
  • Pin the pacifier on the baby: this is like pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Make a baby: With different materials your guests will have to dress a volunteer as a baby. Divide them in groups to see which one is better.
  • Prediction chart: Every guest will guess the date, time and even weight of the baby. Write it in cards or in a chart, collect the best and then you can send the collected money to the closest guess after the baby is born!
  • Give advice: Every guest will write a piece of advice for the expectant mother and give it to her. This can be added to a scrapbook if desired.
  • Pass the diaper: this is like pass the parcel, just need a few diapers and a little present.

Make sure you buy some small prizes for the winners. Examples are: chocolates, little scented candles, little soaps or bath salts. You just need some tissue paper to wrap it up.

Baby shower activities

The following Baby Shower activities will produce a lovely keepsake for the mother-to-be and baby:

  • Time capsule: Collect a box or container; you can decorate it with baby themes. Ask guests to bring a small item that remind them of this year, imagination is the limit.
  • Predictions of the world in 20 years: On a piece of paper each guest will write what they think the world is going to be like in 20 years. You can put these papers in the time capsule too.
  • Scrapbook: with thoughts and recommendations from her friends.

Baby shower favors

You can do it yourself or buy them. I would recommend a mix of both, as a personal touch is always a plus!

Buy an organza favor bag or a favor box.

Some cute favors are candles, bath salts, soaps, bath lotions, bath sponges, sweets, chocolates, home-made cookies, sugar coated almonds, rubber ducks.

I made this lovely arrangement for my sister baby shower. Inexpensive and with lots of love!
I made this lovely arrangement for my sister baby shower. Inexpensive and with lots of love! | Source

Combine these elements for a nice party where everyone will have a great time and the expectant mother will have a great baby shower!


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