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How to Play Apples to Apples Traditional Game for the Holidays

Updated on September 10, 2014

Apples to Apples is a fun game

Apples to Apples is a hilariously fun card game, which up to ten people can play. This is an excellent game for a small group of four people and even better for a large party crowd to play.

No complicated instructions and rules. Apples to Apples board game comes with over 1,000 green and red cards.

The green cards are adjective cards. The green card will have a descriptive word such as "Speedy". Below the word "Speedy" on the card, it will be show the meaning of that word. This card is laid down by the judge on the table for everyone to see. Each player gets a turn at being the judge.

The seven red cards are dealt to each play. These are the noun cards also known as comparison cards. These cards will have the name of a person, place or thing on the card and below will have the definition of the word or words.

The players will pick the card that best fits and places it face down. The judge is not to see who laid down the card and the judge will not add a red card. When the judge chooses which card is the best fit, then that player that had that card will keep the green card.

The first person, who has the required number of green apple cards, wins the game. Depending on how large the group playing is it could be four green apple cards or six green apple cards.

There are times that one player my not have a good comparison card to go with "Speedy" as used in the example. She or he can grab what is the closest or something that is totally opposite in hoping that the judge will find it funny and decide that this is the card. So this person threw in a card that had "three-toed sloth". A sloth is the opposite of "Speedy".

Apples to Apples card game is for ages 12+, but when we have had younger players play this game, they did quite well.

See the large variety of Apples to Apples Games here.

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Family tradition is playing a game during the holidays.

I was brought up on cards and board games. It was our family tradition to have a family game night. But it was more then one night. It was many times during the week that we would have fun together and share a laugh together.

It is the memory that reminds me of my family growing up. Even as I had left to live in my husband's home town which was several states away from the West Coast state of Washington. The one thing I had looked forward to besides seeing my parents visit was a chance to play a good game of cards.

My husband played the board and card games with me when we were first married. I tried to let him win off and on, but I guess that was not enough. He called me competitive. Don't know why he would say that, just because it is something that I am good at.

When my parents would visit nearly every summer, my husband would join in to play cards with us. This was the only time.

Then when our daughter was born, I couldn't wait for the day that we could play board and card games together. Over the years we have played these games. She even beats me at least 50% of the time.

But now that she has finished college, working and living a couple of hours away, the games are now reduced to the holidays with family.

Apples to Apples is the game of choice during the holidays when we get together with my husband's large family.

Besides the Apple to Apple games, there are many fantastic Mattel Card Games availabe here.

Apples to Apples Sour Edition
Apples to Apples Sour Edition
Apples to Apples with a soar twist. The judge is to pick the best match and a card that is the worse match. Extra fun added in this crowd pleasing game.
Apple To Apples Kids 7 Plus - The Game of Crazy Comparisons
Apple To Apples Kids 7 Plus - The Game of Crazy Comparisons
This is the ideal comparison game for children age 7+. Easier to understand and read for the younger crowd.
Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity
A fun question and answer card game that is more then black and white. This game is more in dept then the traditional Apples to Apples game.
Disney Apples To Apples Game
Disney Apples To Apples Game

Do you have a traditional game that you play during the holidays?

See results

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