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Iron Man Robot Toy

Updated on July 25, 2012

RC Iron Man Robot Makes a Great Gift for Movie Fans

Are you looking for a gift for an Iron Man fan? Have you considered the remote-controlled walking Iron Man robot toy? With a wristwatch-style remote control, this robot can walk on hard surfaces, fire missiles and play sound effects on demand. He's tough enough for kids, but fun enough for adults. Here's more information and reviews on the Iron Man robot toy.

(Image credit: amazon)

Iron Man Robot Toy - RC Iron Man Robot Can Walk

Iron Man Walking Rc Robot
Iron Man Walking Rc Robot

* Send him bravely walking forward into the thick of the battle

* Use the remote control to fire his four missile accessories

* Practice firing a the targets so that when the ?real fight? goes down, you and your figure are ready to deal the bad guys a blow they?ll never forget

* Electronic Iron Man figure with lights and sounds really walks and fires missiles when you ?command him? with the remote control

* Figure comes with targets and 4 missile accessories


Iron Man Robot Toy Features

What can your RC Iron Man robot do?

The Iron Man RC robot is controlled by a wristwatch-style remote control that kids can wear to make the robot move. Here are some of the other features of the toy:

  • Iron Man robot's hips, knees, ankles, and feet move
  • Robot can walk, rotate at the waist and raise his arms
  • Fires missiles from his wrists and shoulder launchers
  • Includes sound effects and glowing eyes and chest
  • Comes with cardboard versions of War Machine and Ivan Vanko

See Iron Man Robot Walk - Robot needs to be on a hard surface

The most common complaint on Amazon about this toy is that it doesn't walk well. But as one reviewer noted, you just need to make sure he's on a hard surface and his feet are properly positioned. Here's an example of the Iron Man walking robot in action.

What Do Others Think of The RC Walking Iron Man Robot Toy?

Robot gets three star average rating


Most reviewers on Amazon agree that the Iron Man robot toy is fun for kids, but note that he won't walk well and will fall over unless placed on a hard surface with his feet in position. This may be hard for smaller kids to do. On the plus side, the toy gets positive reviews for durability and for fun features such as the sound effects and missiles. Here are some of the comments:

  • I really couldn't be more impressed with the durability of this toy.
  • This toy is loads of fun for my son... and his Dad!
  • One of the most impressive features about the toy is that most of the parts are snap attached, which means if your child pulls off some parts, they can be snapped back on and remain functional.
  • My 3-year old LOVES this toy... and continues to love it!
  • From an adult perspective, this toy can be an entertaining addition to any collection or can just be plainly displayed.
  • CON: If the legs aren't in the perfect position the toy will fall over rather than walk.

Iron Man Robot Toy Reviews

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What Do You Think of the RC Walking Iron Man Robot Toy?

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    • profile image

      dannystaple 6 years ago

      I am big Iron Man fan, and generally like RC toys - so this is a great toy, and a fun lens too. Blessed!